Prayer for me to be myself

Is worldly pressure trying to rob you of your identity? Sometimes we are under so much stress that we forget completely about ourselves. Maybe you’re too busy. Or perhaps people want to control you. In the end you might lose a sense of who you are.

When this happens, return to the basics. Think about what’s really most important to you. Re-establish your core roles. Above all, build upon your identity as a child of God. This means spending time in his presence. So seek him.

Time spent with God allows you to understand and feel his love for you. You begin to realize how much you mean to him. The Lord’s faithfulness gives you confidence to be yourself.

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Image of text for prayer for me to be myself. This prayer inspires you to rest in your identity as a child of God and be yourself.

A message and prayer from Vincent:

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I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well..

Psalm 139:14

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
and before you were born I consecrated you;
I appointed you a prophet to the nations.”

Jeremiah 1:5


Oh heavenly Lord,

Why am I so unsatisfied? Why is it so hard for me to be me? Yes, I have sinned against you. I know you forgive me. But there’s something else.

I reject myself even though Jesus doesn’t.

So I ask you, oh loving Lord, give me a heart like Christ’s. Help me accept myself for who I am, here, now. Free me from my desire to copy others and please everyone else.

I want to be a better me. Show me what’s really mine. My faults, my virtues. Then mold me, oh Lord, shape me and make me confident as a child of God.

And may it all manifest in acts of kindness, mercy and love. Let my life glorify you, oh Lord, and bring more souls to your heavenly banquet.

By your grace alone,

In Jesus name,


38 thoughts on “Prayer for me to be myself


    • O merciful Lord, please help LINGTHRONGLA… send your mercy and patience in abundance… let your grace work in LINGTHRONGLA’s heart, mind and spirit… may the blood of Christ protect and cover LINGTHRONGLA at all times… bring healing and freedom, O Lord to LINGTHRONGLA.. in Jesus name, Amen.

      I will be praying for you!

      • Pray for me Iam brother Rashad Ordway I needs sum blessings in miracles to Happen good beautiful news

        I want my girlfriend to stop worrying About money in these money Transfer app because they don’t work In we have a pandemic coivd 19 In it’s stop us for do doing the thing We wants to do

        Iam sick in tried of my girlfriend asking the Same thing over in over In I just want my girlfriend to just come Home

        Also pray for myself as well I been just in pain for 3 weeks about my Left shoulder in the shoulder muscle Been hurting me lately I need sum Special healing

        Amen Amen. 🙏

        On Wed, Mar 31, 2021, 12:05 PM Prayer For Anxiety wrote:

        > Vincent Chough commented: “O merciful Lord, please help LINGTHRONGLA… > send your mercy and patience in abundance… let your grace work in > LINGTHRONGLA’s heart, mind and spirit… may the blood of Christ protect > and cover LINGTHRONGLA at all times… bring healing and freedom, O L” >

        • I am praying for you Rashad… for you, for your girlfriend and for your shoulder healing. May the Lord bless you abundantly. May his grace and mercy be poured out over you. May his Spirit guide you always. In Jesus name, Amen.

  2. Prayer request:
    I would like for you guys to pray for me
    My name Rashad Lee Ordway in I been having problems with trying to move forward in I been trying to get with this young woman buy the meme of Janet Gbalaja we been talking to each for about 2 years now going on 3 years now in it’s seems like I am not getting any far with her I mean she is on the other side of the world in in IAM here on the USA in she got’s 2 jobs she is struggling to simultaneously juggle both jobs and she’s taking care of her adopted daughter and her dog and herself all at the same time
    I do realize everything that she does in do
    I don’t know if I picked the wrong woman? She’s an orphan woman in I feel like trying to hard for her love in respect
    Should I stop talking to Janet Gbalaja because she’s having problems juggling two jobs simultaneously and taking care of her adopted daughter in her dog and the things that come with her being a woman and things of that nature?

    Or God shall I just move on and not worry about her and just worried about who I am and worry about taking care of myself and taking care of my family members that’s around me and appreciating the things that I have and keep on moving forward towards the future?

    Open another door for me to find another beautiful black woman that is single that has one job that has no kids that has no baby daddy issues that does not have issues trying to get money she have her own money her own bank account her own car her own house for rent in the apartment that treats herself right as a beautiful black woman that takes care of herself as a beautiful black woman the same age as me that been there done that with a man and she knows what is exactly that she wants if it’s possible could you find me that beautiful black woman that I just now described if it’s possible I was so appreciated
    Thank you God I am thankful for the things that I have and I am thankful and grateful for the things that you have blessed me with I am thankful and grateful for everything that you have love me and blessed me and appreciate it and respected and loved me for me I sure do appreciate it God
    Open me another door so I can move forward into the future and I can finally be happy

  3. (+) in the name of jesus break the chaines for i dont copy none for i draw myself and jesus christ show me how to do contruction works jen everything you do soon will fall all on you and your drug dealer man im about to fight my battles soon then we see who copy who in the name of jesus its gonna come soon for i dont desire nothing you have because im a drawer and my power with jesus its greater than yours in the name of jesus i am not a witch thanks god will fight my battles with you soon

  4. Hoping I could get permission to use this in my new book Commanding Life and Situations. ( with Powerful, Effective and Fervent PRAYers )
    Appreciate partners, endorsements and sponsors, you can inbox or DM me.

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