Prayer for when you don’t know what to do

When facing a tough decision your mind goes around in circles. You try to understand and figure it all out yourself, but it’s impossible. It seems like you don’t have the time to pray about it.

If you pray, it will save you time later. There’s nothing that wastes time and energy more than confusion. Prayer helps put your thoughts in order.

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Prayer for when you don't know what to do

When you don’t know what to do, go to God in prayer.

It may take time to get an answer, but God always delivers. You might even want to set up a prayer campaign during the process. Use a notebook and dedicate one page to each day of prayer. It can be for as many days as you need it. Write clearly at the top of the page what you are praying about.

After each prayer session, jot down what you feel God might be trying to tell you. Repeat this process each day until you begin to have more clarity about your situation.

God’s presence gives you peace. Take the time. Pray. Read from the Bible. You’ll notice the confusion begins to disappear. Try not to have a preference about outcomes, and let the Spirit guide you.

Even Jesus took the time to consult with his Father about tough decisions. Imitate our Lord and the results will be glorious.

In these days he went out to the mountain to pray; and all night he continued in prayer to God.

Luke 6:12

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;

Proverbs 3:5



Dear heavenly Lord,

I face situations and decisions. It’s complicated and dense. I feel confused and lost. Can you help me? Can you show me the light?

First of all, oh Lord, calm my heart. Let me know that my peace depends upon you alone. No matter how things turn out, with you at the center of my life, I will stand. I will survive.

May your Spirit keep me balanced. Lord, show me your will. Let my mind and heart be open to what best serves truth and life. Give me courage to do what is right. Show me your word. Reveal it to my heart, oh Lord, and make my conviction strong. For when I go to you, and you show me your will, the blessing is guaranteed.

It may not be easy, it may take time, but upon Christ I stand firm.

In Jesus name, Amen.

105 thoughts on “Prayer for when you don’t know what to do

  1. Just how I feel today helpless like want to give up and useles……. after the mva 1 May 2019 my husband passing due to injuries, me in hospital for month plus losing my mom in law 25 july then my mother on 20 July 2020 I feel like empty. Thank you for your time God bless Amen

  2. Glory b to God.since l started reading prayer bullets l have realised av grown from one step to another.l continue especially midnight hr.

  3. I have been through the most painful loss 11 years ago. My 27 year old daughter to a fatal car accident while on our yearly family trip to Jamaica. Many painful situations followed after trying to get justice for my daughter going through 6 court cases only to learn how they let the driver free. Four years after my daughter passed my dad passed the grief was to much for him. I have been taking care of my 81 year old mother since my dad passed because she has so many health problems. I am struggling but still strong in my faith. My heart has been broken again with my daughter in law keeping my grandson away from me. My son is standing by his wife in this situation. I feel like I don’t know the son l raised anymore. If possible please pray that there will be brighter days ahead. Sincerely, a grieving mom💔😢

  4. I am so confused. My husband is a drug addict who has gone thru our finances, lied repeatedly, consistently deceptive. I am at my wit’s in.
    I do not trust him. Trying to let go an let God. This is not how I want to live.

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