Prayer for peace in my home

Many times, the greatest conflicts and challenges happen at home. When we ask God to bring us peace, he is faithful in his promises. Don’t rely on your strength alone. Instead, depend on our heavenly Father, who is the author and bringer of true peace.

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Prayer for peace in my home

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37 thoughts on “Prayer for peace in my home

  1. My 13 year old daughter is suffering from depression. We caught it in the early stages and am not sure which way we’re headed. Pray that God takes these things from her and gives her strength.

  2. my family needs prayer my son’s arent happy with my husband and i need peace and happiness please pray for my son Kevin and Carlos to find peace in there heart to respect and accept my choice for a husband, my husband and I need strength at this time Ramsey and Kimberly Ann. Thank you

  3. i need prayer for God to break the chains of addictiin in my families life. Remove the desire. and replace ut with desire for more of Jesus

    • Hear and accept your child’s cry oh Lord…. set them free…. heal them…. restore them… pour out your Spirit… send your loving grace… forgive them oh Lord…

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