Prayer for healing a broken relationship

When we hurt each other, it can be very hard to get close again. This prayer for healing a broken relationship can help you take the first steps towards restoration. Seek God’s presence and ask him to help you. Wait upon the Lord to change your hearts and bring life and love back to you both.

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Prayer for healing a broken relationship

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Remember, Jesus Christ is capable of healing all wounds. It all begins with building your faith. Go to God to find it.

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Dear heavenly Father,

We’ve been hurting too long. There’s too much silence, too much pain.

Won’t you help us? Won’t you heal us?

Let me let go of trying to figure things out. Let me let go of thinking who’s right or wrong.

Instead, let me feel Christ embracing us.

Let us be better with each other. Let us find a common ground where love heals all wounds. Soften my heart, oh Father. Let me follow the example of your Son who does not seek control but instead, loving sacrifice and acceptance.

This is the source of his glory – born of mercy and trust in God Almighty.

Let me trust that you can heal. Let me trust that we can change. Bring us to you. Bring us together again.

I know that by your sweet mercy, all things are possible.

In Jesus name,


72 thoughts on “Prayer for healing a broken relationship

  1. Please pray for Rick and myself. He is going through difficult and challenging struggles with his daughter who also needs healing. Our relationship has become rocky with arguments, silent treats, and pushing away. But I know the love is there. I pray for clarity, strength, and love amongst us with an even stronger bond than ever. Pray to God that Rick doesn’t give up on us.

  2. God speaks to us in so many ways and at times for the future. When you have Faith, it can be tested but never broken. God ALWAYS delivers the promises He gives us! I’m grateful for His deliverance from the storm, but also the storm itself! Amen

  3. Please Pray For my partner Stephen and I . We have been together for 13 years and right now we are struggling arguing, ignoring, blaming, broken relation , coldness and mostly people are trying to divide us , I am praying for healing, forgiveness and to mend our relation and to strength our bond and love. But I am really depress and sad because I cannot live without him.Please intercept

    • O merciful Lord… please heal Letticia and Stephen’s relationship… restore their bond and strengthen the love between them… send your forgiveness and peace… open their hearts to your grace… bring them calm and clarity… let them see each other in a caring way… may your Spirit and grace be abundant in their lives and their relationship, O blessed Lord… in Jesus name, Amen.

      I am and will be praying for you Letticia and for Stephen. God’s grace to you both1

  4. Please pray for my fiancee (Diane) and I. We are going through a big struggle. Together for more than 4-1/2 years and engaged for over 2. The enemy is trying to dig in and I’m praying against it. But I am weak, sad,, confused, …I miss my baby. Thanks so much.

    • O blessed Lord, send your healing and restoration… pour out your Spirit over Chris and Diane… change their hearts… let them forgive…. let love win in their relationship… in Jesus name, cast out the spirit of division… may your will be done in all things, O merciful Lord… unite them in the heart of Christ…in Jesus name, Amen.

      I will be praying for you both. Be blessed by His grace!

  5. Requesting pray….Father Darron and I love each other but we don’t know how to be around each other without conflict, arguing, ignoring, and blaming each other. This relationship has been a disaster but you can make it good. Please make bring us back together but for the first time without arguing, blame, conflict, hate, or intercession that is not done by you. please intercept. We are both weary and trying to do what only you can do.

    • With God nothing is impossible!

      Send your healing to Alex and Darron, O Lord… heal their wounds, both individual and between them… let the light of your Spirit come into their lives… cast out conflict and bring unity to their hearts… let them love and serve each other by your grace, O Lord…

      I will be praying for you both!

  6. Requesting for prayers.. for the healing of my 33 year marriage. I pray that my husband would withstand the lures of the enemy. I pray tothe Lord to mske him strong from temptations and that I be healed from my anxiety. Let bitterness of our heart be washed away. Have forgiveness and soften each other’s heart and heal each other’s brokenness. In the name of my Lord Jesus. AMEN

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