42 thoughts on “Prayer for problems with weight gain

  1. Please pray for me to gain weight ,I’m struggling to live with the society pointing fingers at me as if i chose not to look how they expect me to look but i know through your God and your prayers i will gain healthy weight

  2. I have. Normal weight since..2016 but since.. When in mid of 2016 i fall sick. N I loss weight.. Now till now. My body is weak.. No increase in weight.. Food that I ate no effects on me.i am having my normal food but no change in my body. Please prayer for me to gain weight n as I was previous. . In through our Lord Jesus Christ Amen.

      • Thank you Vincent… But I don’t no u personally nor I hav seen but u reply my Mgs. N I happy that u praying for me.. Since I past year I suffering.. Of this weakness n weight gain.. All surrounding people pointing me.. Bec.. Of thinness. Its hurt me lot.. But I keep faith in my Lord.. Bec nothing is impossible to him.everything is possible with only one God. I also pray you n ur family.

  3. I pray for peace in my life so I can be able to gain better weight.and have a peaceful relationship may the Lord restore every thing thatI have lost and make me whole again

  4. Dear Lord I ask that you help me to gain a healthy amount of weight , to look healthy. I have been struggling with this for years

    • Hi I came across your comment. And thought I’d suggest something. Hope you will find help as I did. So I’m 29 years old female and have been battling weight gain for years. I have always been a petite person and disnt really like it too much. I had done everything that I thought would help me . And nothing has worked until almost a year ago I came across a vitamin syrup called Apetamin. Now this syrup is the real deal. When I say God is good he is truly good. I had taken boost supplements , and peractins but I did gain a bit off peritol pills. And after given birth 4 years ago I had put on and lost but this apetamin will make you eat your whole fridge in a day.(lol)..the only thing is that it makes you drowsy. But if you really want to gain weight try that. Because I’m one that is hard to gain weight. But this apetamin DEFINITELY does the works. You can order online. Thanks again. And email me if you need any more info

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