48 thoughts on “Prayer against negativity

  1. Heavenly Father
    Thank you for lovingly directing and helping me to clearly see and know that it is already done …. a happy abundant blessed life ahead of me today tomorrow and forever. I am fully restored, rejuvenated and resurrected by your sacrifice on the cross for me and my sins. Thank you for nourishing my heart mind and soul everlastingly so that I am now and always aligned with You as we walk daily together side by side on my spiritual journey home to you in the celestial kingdom. You powerfully removed all my years of fears, tears, burdens, worries, anger, frustrations, confusion and any other form of negativity I possessed inside me that no longer served any good or had nil advancement in every fibre of my being. How great is your faithful! I call upon the Holy Spirit now to always drive my thoughts, actions and reactions to fulfil a more positive healthy wealthy wiser life which is pleasing to you and only you as all honour and glory is rightfully yours for eternity. The enemy shall not prosper as you cover me with the sacred blood of the lamb clearing my path allowing me to step into my divine highest life purpose according to your plan for me. I hearn to learn more about you Lord each day and never want to lose our unbreakable bond. Please keep me strong, faithful and humble in all my doings and be that servant you are proud of as I now know I am loved, protected, forgiven and blessed with all your gifts to share with the world and be the authentic god-like me. Thank you for loving and healing me and being my Almighty Magnificent generous and faithful best Father I know from all my timelines past present and future knowingly and unknowingly. I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen 🙏💚🧜‍♀️💚🙏

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