48 thoughts on “Prayer against negativity

  1. Heavenly Father I ask you to release from negative thoughts and comments I ask that you give me wisdom strength courage and perseverance to overcome these negative self righteous condemning thoughts that might have a humble contrite heart which brings Glory to your name precious Lord and saviour in Jesus name we pray Amen

    • O blessed Lord… pour out your loving mercy over this person… send your healing grace in abundance… set this person’s mind free from negativity… let your Spirit work to bring a change in thoughts, attitudes and feelings… let this person seek you and trust you in all things… have mercy, O loving Lord… in Jesus name, Amen.

  2. How can I get those prayers to my daughter who was taken from us July 9 and put in group home she does not have any priviges there her name is Valerielynn thank you Mary

  3. due to stress and anxiety i had taken very bad decisions of investing a little money that i got in a small house which was a need of the hour as i am living with my motherinlaw but the builder cheated me and has still not given me the house nor is giving my money back[850000/-] and now i am in dire financial crisis and unable to fulfill the needs of my college going children please pray for the builder to change is mind and given us whatever is due to us either in house or money AMEN

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