Prayer for my son

Here’s a prayer you can pray for your son. Remember, the intercession of a parent is powerful. Your prayers make a big difference.

Pray for yourself also. Ask God to guide you in parenting. It doesn’t matter if your son is a child or adult — the example you provide is a constant influence. When your personal walk is closer to Christ, your son will be exposed to the Lord even more.

It’s not a matter of force or convincing. Instead, it depends on love and trusting deeply in God’s ways. If you show this example to your son, then you’ve done your best. It’s all in God’s hands. He alone is the owner of grace.

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Prayer for my son

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PRAYER FOR MY SON (regular text)

Dear loving Lord,

When he was just a baby I held him in my hands as you hold me tenderly in yours.

Teach me to trust and not fear for my son. As I am your child, so is he.

Let me give him up to you. Show me all authority comes only from you Lord. Make me a true authority by making me a servant.

Let me be strong for his sake. Teach me to discipline, not with anger or frustration, but with wisdom and love. Let me treat him as you treat me. Accepting, forgiving, guiding, Letting me be me.

Jesus gave his life for me. Let me give up my desires, my plans and my image of my son.

Instead let your will be done.

Watch over him, protect him. Let him come to know you. Dear loving Lord, let him find you as a friend and Master. Let him find joy in your Word.

Through your mercy and grace,

In the name of Jesus,


50 thoughts on “Prayer for my son

  1. Pray for Joseph, help him focus and remove his anxiety. Bring him peace in his mind. Keep the devil away. Keep him safe. Move back home.

  2. Thank you Lord we praise you for your love and comfort my prayer request is My son Luis and I haven’t spoken in three years our relationship as mother and son is full of hurt and sorrow Pray that we will be able to forgive and love again as mother and son Amen 🙏

  3. Praise God in Jesus name, please help me pray for my son who has dropped out of school after repeatedly failing exams to 15 accounting units in business undergraduate 2nd year which has locked him out to get to 3rd year untill he re-seat for them .he is confused and withdrawn and not attending classes anymore. Please join me in praying for him to trust in God that he can go back to school and do it even better in Jesus name .Amen.

  4. So timely i found son’s computer game addiction is ruining our relationship, he’s given to rage and depression because of it. I feel so helpless. Been praying about it last night , for God to change him from within.

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