Prayer for anxiety 2

Dear beloved Father,

I lift up my spirit again to praise your Spirit.
In intercession, I ask you for your peace.
I ask that it descend on any child of yours,
Seeking peace today.

Thank you Lord for loving them,
Thank you Lord for calling them.

Let them hear you.
Let them be heard.

Bless our efforts, oh Father. Take control.
That some might find rest and healing here.


(We pray for those struggling with anxiety every day. Leave a prayer request.)

2 thoughts on “Prayer for anxiety 2

  1. Need prayer for anxiety relief. I hurt a family member and the guilt and shame I feel is overwhelming at times. I know God is doing a good work in me and He is my peace. Please pray for my social anxiety as well and to bind any attack from the enemy! I’m Jesus name Amen.

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