Moving in a new direction

Dear readers… Here is the first prayer I ever published on PrayerForAnxiety…


Dear loving Father,

We lift up our voices on this first day of prayer,

For those that suffer,
For those that are anxious,
For those who find no rest sometimes
from their thoughts and their worries.

Oh loving Lord – we ask that you begin to free them,

Oh merciful Father – we ask that you begin to heal them,
Right now.

If we trust in anything, we trust in your mercy,
for the suffering,
for the anxious.

Let our prayer be received by your Spirit
to bring those that suffer home again.



I posted that prayer almost 7 years ago. Since then, nearly 300 more prayers have been published. Over the years, this site has become a place where thousands have found comfort.

God has certainly answered that first prayer in many wonderful ways.

Now, I’m thinking and praying over taking this site into a new direction. One of the reasons is that the Ask for Prayer section has grown a lot lately. Also, the pre-written prayer list is pretty extensive now.

So I want to focus more on prayer requests. This will enable a greater emphasis on concrete issues facing individuals and families that come to this site.

Everybody who lands here usually has a need. They are facing a challenge, trouble or trials, and they are reaching out. If they find a prayer that helps them, that’s awesome. If they ask for a specific prayer request, they can. And I’m hoping to focus more on responding to those requests.

The presence and prayer of some participants (you know who you are!) in the Ask for Prayer page has been a huge inspiration for me.

These loving, dedicated souls have been praying and comforting people they never met before. They are there nearly every day, waiting to respond to hurt, fear, anger and uncertainty with their love and prayers lifted up to the heavens.

These prayerful, faithful people also have their wounds, and they show them… as Jesus showed his.

And by the wounds of Christ we are all healed and set free in grace.

It’s truly amazing to witness the power of God’s love.

So, that’s where I feel God may be leading this site.

And as always, in prayer. So please pray for us all!

Be blessed by the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ,


8 thoughts on “Moving in a new direction

    • Dear Jean,
      You have been tremendously inspiring to me. Despite increasing difficulty, you remain. You pray for others. You share your hurt. This is ONLY by the grace of God working in a heart that trusts him. The Lord is working mightily in you!
      God’s mercy and healing to you,

  1. Seconding Colin’s Amen. This is exciting Vincent! This board and site have been such a blessing to me. I thank God for you Vincent! I will be praying fir you Vincent as you follow His leading.

    • Dear Jan,
      Your presence here has been critical… plus it challenged me to think outside the box. What’s the point of a prayer website if we aren’t engaged with those asking for prayer? You showed me how in many ways. You are detailed in your care… this is Christ-like. Thank you for your prayers. I thank and praise the Lord for your life testimony!
      Be blessed by the Lord,

  2. Amen to that Vincent. The site is a real blessing and the pray request has been inspirational in my healing and deliverance. Thank you and thank God

    • Dear Colin,
      Your testimony played a major role in this process. I thank God for your humility and faithfulness. God isn’t looking for perfection… he wants willing and trusting hearts. I see that so much in you!
      God bless you brother!

      • Wow I’m humbled by your words. It’s a honour to do my bit for the site and the people that use it and only a small amount compared to the strength I receive from it. You are all an inspiration to me and wouldn’t be as strong now without god’s help through you all.

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