Prayer for my brother

Let this prayer inspire you to pray for, bless, and intercede for your brother. His life is a blessing. Praise God for your brother’s life. Ask the Lord to care for him.

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But Esau ran to meet Jacob and embraced him; he threw his arms around his neck and kissed him. And they wept.

Genesis 33:4


Dear loving Father,

The presence of my brother in my life is a gift to me.

Thank you for his life, his heart and his soul.

Thanks for giving me someone who looked out for me and cared for me. Even the rivalry between us was a blessing to me.

Thank you for what I learned from my brother’s life and love.

So now I ask you Lord, bless my brother with the abundance of your love and mercy.

Cover him with your grace. Let him feel your tenderness

Touch his soul.

Let him know your mercy sets his spirit free.

I present to you, oh Lord, my love for my brother. Open up the heavens to him. Bring him great peace and joy.

Thank you for my brother, dear Lord.

Thank you for his life and love.

All in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,


26 thoughts on “Prayer for my brother

  1. This prayer was a blessing to me.It expressed just how feel toward my brother. Thank you for allowing me to read and share it.God bless.

  2. This was such a welcomed prayer for my brother Tom! I needed something to remember him and this prayer helped! I miss you every day brother! More than you will ever know!!

  3. I sent it to my brother when he was ranting about slot of negative things. Although he seemingly had no interest in God, he thanked me for this. About 6 months later, he died suddenly & unexpectedly at just 51 years old. Thank you for this beautiful prayer.
    I do have a request though. Will you lease correct the typo? Should be cover him with YOUR grace.

  4. Thank you dear Lord for my sister Darlene. She and i have had several good times and I dont mean happy times but we make up and are the better for them. I dont have a brother so she sorta makes up for that. she has been inspirational for me and help keep me on the right track when i start to stray when i was younger. she dont know that but she has.Thank You again for putting her first so she could help me out along the way. I love her very MUCH and hope i was good for her

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