Prayer against bad thoughts

You can say this prayer when you want to get rid of bad thoughts. Remember, this prayer is just a start. Authentic prayer comes from the Spirit speaking to and from your heart. See our complete list of prayers here. 

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Prayer against bad thoughtsAsk for prayer

We all have bad thoughts sometimes. They can even be horrible or overwhelming. The best defense is God’s Word and seeking his presence in prayer. If you trust in the truth of Christ’s resurrection, he is certain to free you. Let his Spirit make you strong to resist the lies and attacks of the enemy. Christ’s victory is absolute and eternal.

For help in difficult times…

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Dear loving God,

Sometimes I have terrible thoughts that run through my head.

Do you see me, dear Lord? Do you see my struggle?

You are mighty. You are strong, and you love me.

Set me free Lord!

Remove the bad thoughts that torment me.

Cast the enemy out of my mind and my life. Let no attack, deceit or contamination affect me any more.

For I have been washed clean by the blood of the Lamb.

Your mighty Spirit protects me always.

All victory is yours alone.

Dear loving Lord, clear my mind, bring rest to my heart with the sweet caress of your loving grace.

In Jesus’ holy name,


38 thoughts on “Prayer against bad thoughts

  1. Thank you Pinterest for posting and including prayers in your website. It gives me comfort knowing Christians & people who are still struggling to believe in Him will have guidance & will be enlightened through reading & saying these prayers. My sincere gratitute to the team behind this noble endeavor of your company. God bless your team & Pinterest. May you continue to shine for Him.

  2. Please pray your most powerful prayers for Katy Flagg to recover from the cancer that is trying to kill her. If beating cancer is not what God plans.Then please ask him to give her the strength to go through. whatever comes her way. She is a warrier and will fight with all she has and with the Lord at her side. Or carrying her thru.Please Dear Lord. Help Katy survive this.Amen

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