29 thoughts on “Prayer for when I feel down about life

  1. My husband I both have not so good health. My son is on probation and my daughter has started college , she is following her dream she is working on what she loves to do,we didn’t qualify for fasfa Grant for a certain reason..not quite sure what to think about that.. we know need to pay on our own but with my health i only work part time. I know God has a plan for her and where the money will come from. God is good

    • Dear Lord… pour out your grace and mercy over Linda and her family… send your providence… take care of them… give them healing and strength… let your Spirit take control…

  2. I Feel low feel weak in this present I know not what I’m heading for in my Life.I want to Offer my soul to God as he’s the only one who can safe my soul…Amen

  3. I feel so sad and lonely, have had a gut infection for almost 3 months, it’s being treated but has taken a long time and am still not right. I long for community and to be part of family, not having a purpose is almost as debilitating as having the infection. How long O God, how long?

    • Dear Lord, please help your child. Send your healing, send your Spirit. Pour out your love and mercy Lord. Give your child rest, peace and community. Show the way to your loving grace. In Jesus name, Amen.

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