Prayer for decision making

This prayer for decision making can help inspire you to seek God’s will. Do you want to have more clarity when making decisions? You can find it in prayer. See our complete list of prayers here. 

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Prayer for decision makingLet us pray for you.

If you have to make an important decision, be sure to include God in the conversation as early as possible. Don’t feel rushed. Seek the answer in God’s presence and in His Word. Once you get an answer, you also get something else very special – God’s blessing.

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12 thoughts on “Prayer for decision making

  1. Thank You PINTRESS team♡.My life has change emensley from all the posters that I have saved from your wonderful teams! May GOD continue to bless you and place a divine covering over all of you every second of the day!!GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOREVER♡

  2. I have been in an emotionally abusive marriage for 19 years to a man who has committed emotional adultery 6 times. 3 Christian counselors and now 3 pastors have told me leaving the marriage is best for me. Please pray for me and my husband. God’s will be done.

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