13 thoughts on “Prayer for a friend

  1. Pray for my friend, Debbie Bucci, who is suffering from G.I.S.T., a form of cancer. It progressed to stage four before it was diagnosed. I know she’ll be fine. She is a child of G-d, and she is in His loving embrace. Pray that whatever happens, He’ll ease her passage to the next stage. I know His will be done.

  2. Hi! I’m thankful for this propositions of prayers becouse l often don’t know how to pray for many situations and pray the same things. God hear me but i really need this refreshing on my pray life! God bless You all! Hello from Croatia! 🙂

  3. My bff..Elizabeth please..pray 4 her ..she has cancer on her nose.n shes been going 4 her treatment like chemo n radiation..also my other bff’s Marifel father he has heart problem..Thank u..all in advance..

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