Prayer for panic attacks

A powerful prayer for panic attacks. Do you want to be free from fear and worry? It’s possible when you deepen your prayer life.

What Causes Anxiety? Medical and Spiritual Factors

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Oh heavenly Father,

I am being attacked. Please help me. This is real. A war rages against me and my soul.

My only way to fight is to cry out. So I cry out to you, my God.

Send legions of angels and your Holy Spirit to defend me.

Right here. Right now.

You are all that is good. You are all that I need. You are my peace and security.

Jesus, I trust in you.

Rise up, oh mighty Lord! Against all evil attacking me, defend me now!

For you are holy.  You are truth. All righteousness and glory are yours and only yours.

You have won the victory for me on the cross.

You poured out your love for me. And rising up, you showed your glory, power and victory over all evil, sin and death.

Oh, loving God! Oh, merciful Lord! Free me, free me now!

I give myself up to you, to your tender mercy, into your loving hands.

In Jesus name,


52 thoughts on “Prayer for panic attacks

  1. I need help please pray for me i have been struggling with addiction for weeks and i have real bad withdrawls please pray for me in the name of jesus amen

    • Amy. I’ve been there. Prayer is magical God has given us this amazing chance to go through what I call the closest thing to hell. Detoxing is the only way to get the toxic elements out. Use this as a reminder that you chose life. You are stronger than you think. Keep pushing. Do not give up. God is calling on us who have taught this disease called addiction to save others. You got this girl!

  2. I ask for prayers i am getting really depressed from quiting meth i feel i am losing it. Please pray for me for my addiction and also give me streth to stay out of bed in jesus name amen

  3. I am asking God his abundant accelerated favor for a job and good health I pray for a clear mind re remove all negative thoughts I kn ok w God can and will supply all my needs. I pray for patience to wait on God. I also pray that God will bring good people into my life to lift me up with encouragement instead of tearing me down. I as this in the name of Jesus… Amen

  4. I had an anxiety attack today. I pray for God to strengthen my faith and forgive my lack of. Lord, guide my thoughts. I give you my heartache and worries. Please take them away from me. Cleanse from me what you want cleansed from me. Lord, you know the pain my relationship has caused me but I know Lord everything is in Your plan. Give me strength to overcome the turmoil within. Help me break free from depression. Teach me to be patient, kind and forgiving. Please let me smile again from my heart. Thank you for your grace and mercy. In Jesus name amen

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