How to find peace

How to find peace

Your faith will set you free

Isn’t it what we really want after all? We just want to be at peace. It seems like in today’s world it’s harder and harder to find the peace we desire. Let’s find out why.

The Empty Promise

The power of the world offers us promises. Science, technology, government and global organizations all attempt to offer the promise of peace and prosperity. Today, we see more than ever how short the world falls from keeping this promise. For every developmental advance we seem to take many steps backward at the same time.


We often look towards others to find the peace we seek. Even the most trustworthy person, however, will eventually let you down in one way or another. In many ways our mistakes define us, and this is part of being human. So it doesn’t work when we heap a burden of responsibility on others that only God can carry – that is, being a source of peace. Perhaps the most debilitating form of this is when we place all the burden upon ourselves.

The Fight

How many times does a disagreement remove our peace? There have been wars among Christians due to doctrinal differences. But where in the Gospel does it say you must convince others by force? The overwhelming message is that the Spirit must do the convincing; and our greatest resources are mercy and love.


Have you ever thought or said, “As soon as I get to such-and-such point in my life, everything will be better”? Then what happens? Circumstances change and other trials appear. Our lives are unpredictable, and the chaos of the world cannot give us rest. Many who are surrounded by money and power suffer tremendously.

The Immutable Presence

The common thread in all the worldly things is that they always change. Only God is unchanging and unchangeable. His Kingdom and promises are eternal. In this truth we can begin to understand where we can find true peace.

It’s Between You And Him

When we do not have peace, it means we are not at peace with God. As Jesus said, “My peace I give you” (John 14:27). His peace is not partial, temporary or based on circumstances. The peace of Christ is based on his identity and his glorious work of forgiveness. Otherwise it depends on the universe working the way you want it. If you reject Jesus’ peace, then there is a personal issue between you and God.

In the same verse, Jesus goes on to say, “I do not give to you as the world gives.” This means that true peace is purely spiritual. This is why a person that has all they need materially can be miserable while a person facing death can be at peace. It’s normal for people and situations to bother us, but you can regain peace under any circumstance.

The central issue is fear

Jesus completes the verse saying, “Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” These are the words of God’s Son. These are the words of a Great King that spilled his blood for you. Even death is powerless when God’s Spirit lives within you. Like Jesus, you also are a child of God. Trust in this. Believe in this. As this truth grows in your heart you will find the peace you desire.

This does not mean you walk around with your head in the clouds ignoring your responsibilities. Instead it means you see things from a heavenly perspective. Situations that provoked intense anxiety suddenly shrink in God’s great presence. This is because you know where you stand with God. You have been forgiven. You have been redeemed. You have a place in heaven, and you are loved with the purest love possible.

Not anesthesia, but truth

Faith in Jesus Christ is not spiritual anesthesia. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. When you have the desire to know Jesus more – who he is and what he means in your life – then you see things clearly. No more monsters and no more lies. God is in control and you are his beloved child. Let the good fruit of peace come forth in abundance.

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