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  1. gods children i have something to say i have been having the worst thoughts that involve intamacy i dislike these involentary thoughts and want them to go away but they dont plss help me i feel so deppresed i feel like i cant go on its like evry thought i have it takes a big chunk of my soul and makes me feel like a terrible monster . i just want to end it all
    P.S from efrain 14 yo old

    • Dear Efrain,
      Remember, these thoughts do not define you. In time they will pass. One thing is important, if you look at pornography, it will be much harder to get free.
      One thing that will help is to distract your mind with other things, like sports, a hobby, or join a group for youths at your church. Exercise is especially important at your age.
      Next, ask God to help you. Pray for this. Be patient with yourself. In time these thoughts will go away. Trust in this process and know that God loves you no matter what. Seek his loving forgiveness always.

      I will be praying for you Efrain!

    • Efrain, I agree completely with Vincent. God does not judge you. Distract yourself when you are having these feelings. Stay away from pornography. Pray often. Try to talk to someone about this, a pastor, a therapist. I will keep you in my prayers. God bless you

  2. How is Miriam, hope her surgery went well. Although we don’t know how the operation was, let’s leave everything in the hands of the Lord . Amen.

  3. Hi everyone! I am very anxious and nervous because my OET exam result will come out in 3 days time… 😔 Please pray for me and my friend because I don’t want to retake the exam again… 😔 It is my second try- passing the exam will give me the opportunity to apply and work in UK as a Nurse. Thank you so much everyone! God bless and stay safe always! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • All the best, as the Lord is Good All The Time. We are in prayers with you. Don’t despair even if the results will not be good for the Lord has something in mind for you. He is not haste not does He delay . Everything comes out at the right time. Amen.

    • Lord I pray that You will fill Ardith and her friend with Your peace. Calm any anxious thoughts and help her to keep her mind on “ whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things” Philippians 4:8.
      Let the test results come back favorable so she can begin work as a nurse, I pray You will bless her as she cares for others.
      May she always bring compassion and kindness tor her patients. Give her clarity, strength, patience and joy as she helps those that are sick or injured. Lord, You have given Arduth this gift of caring and helping those in need of medical and physical help, thank you Lord for caring people like her.❤️
      Thank you Father for hearing and answering our prayers. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

      • Thank you so much for your beautiful prayer! I passed the exam! I am so happy and very touched with your kind words! Thank you so much Jan! God is so good! May God bless you more! Thank you so so much!😭🙏🏻

      • Thank you so much Jean! I passed the exam! I still can’t believe it! I’m very grateful and happy! Thank you so much for the prayer! May God bless you more!

  4. My mother has had pain in her lower left leg for about five years now. She has constant pain anyway because she has fibromyalgia, so her Dr never checked her leg out. She kept complaining and they did some tests. Her Rheumatologist said she didn’t know what it was but it was definitely something. My mom sees a surgeon on Wednesday for more tests and hopefully some answers. Please pray for whatever it may be to have no trace of cancer and for it to be a very simple removal. Thank you.

    • Lord I pray for Hilary’s mother that You would bring healing to her leg. Let there be no trace of cancer Father. Give the surgeon wisdom, compassion and clarity. Let the tests results be a good report, and a uncomplicated and easy removal is something needs to be taken out. I also pray for the fibromyalgia to be healed, in Jesus name. Fill both Hilary and her dear mom with Your perfect peace, help them to feel Your loving presence and calm any anxiety or fear. Thank you Lord that You are a God full of compassion, loving kindness and mercy, nothing is too hard for You, all power is in Your hand. Thank you for hearing and answering our prayers. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

    • Hilary, I will pray for your mom and her well-being. I’m actually hoping I have an answer for you and your mother. I am three week in from having back surgery with the Rothman Institute. For three years the pain in my right leg was excruciating. The pain went from my thigh to my ankle. With an MRI my lumbar disc was crushing my sciatic nerve. I came out of surgery without any pain and a smile on my face. Hope this possibly steered you in another direction to get help for your mother.
      Hilary, I will certainly pray for your mom as I-have lived with pain all my life and relief seems miles away.
      God Bless you both

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