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12,625 thoughts on “Ask for Prayer

  1. I pray that God forgives me for all of my sins and let me see my ways that I need to change,I pray for healing physically and emotionally for me my sister,my friends (Thomas montgomery,Leonard Bentley)my family,and the world.

    • Dear Maria,
      God has already forgiven you! Jesus proved this to you on the cross. All you need to do is accept his loving forgiveness. Then begin to be restored. Begin to receive back what was lost. In the eyes of God, you are forgiven and loved, just as you are now. And he wants to heal and help you to leave sin behind.

      Trust in the goodness of God. Seek him and believe.

      I will be praying for you, your family and your friends. God’s grace, mercy and blessings to you!

    • O merciful Lord… pour out your Holy Spirit in abundance over Tinyiko… by the blood of Christ free this child of yours from negative, intrusive thoughts… let Tinyiko focus on the mercy and grace of Jesus… send your peace and calm to Tinyiko, O Lord… give clarity and comfort…. let Tinyiko seek you and trust in you or all things, O blessed Lord… in Jesus name, Amen.

      I will be praying for you Tinyiko! This post might help you as well:

      God’s grace and blessings to you!

  2. Please pray for my niece Hanita as she is paralysed at a very young age due to a rare medical condition that the Lord touch her and heal her, she does not know the Lord personally.

    • O merciful Lord… send your healing and comfort to Hanita… pour out your loving Spirit over her… let her feel your presence… let Hanita come to know your tender grace… have mercy on her… bring her healing, restore Hanita, O Lord… let her have peace and confidence in the Lord… may she come to know and trust Christ… work in Hanita’s life and heart, O blessed Lord… in Jesus name, Amen.

  3. Please pray for my son Joshua and his girlfriend. They are planning to relocate to Africa soon. Prayers needed for their salvation and protection please. Agree with me that Joshua will become the man of God he was born to be, and that he will discover and walk in his God-given purpose. Thank you in advanced. God bless!

    • Praying for your son Joshua and his girlfriend. Praying for their safety and salvation. If Jesus has sent them there, He will protect them.

    • Amen Nicole… may the Lord work continuously in Joshua’s life and heart… may he encounter and accept the Lord Jesus into his life as Lord and Savior… may the protection, grace and peace of God accompany them on their journey…. in Jesus name, Amen.

  4. Please pray for my 6 year old granddaughter who suffers from anxiety. She appears angry with her 3 year old sister and those close to her. She throws a fit when told no, tries to lash out, is mean, disrespectful and cries like her heart is broken, then apologizes for her behavior. It breaks my heart to see her in such pain. This behavior began in January upon her return from visiting her parents for the holidays. She’s lived with us since preschool. We are sending her back home where she was seeing an excellent therapist. We believe she misses her parents and sister who live in a different state and is torn. Please pray that she gets the help she needs, pray for her parents who don’t understand and us as we’ve grown so attached to her. Thank you.

    • Praying for your granddaughter. It’s really hard on young children to be away from their parents, but some circumstances demand that they do. I’ve been raising my granddaughter for the 1-1/2 years. I’ll be praying that the parents give her the help that she needs and praying moving back with her parents is the best thing for her right now. I’ll be praying for you, I know how attached we can get to our grandkids. God bless all of you.

    • O merciful Lord… pour out your peace and Holy Spirit over V. Lockett’s granddaughter and over the entire family… have mercy on them all, O Lord… bring restoration and peace to the child’s heart… let her be joyful and free in your grace… pour out your love and healing… mend their hearts, O blessed Lord… in Jesus name, Amen.

      I will be praying for your granddaughter and for the entire family. God’s grace and blessings to you all!

  5. I’m reaching out for prayers. My are is so heavy and I’m angry inside. I’ve gone through so much that its hard for me to find hope. I seem to always have bad things always happening to me. I feel so alone and mad at myself for things I have done. I feel as if I have no purpose and just want the pain to go away. I’m always thinking of others first and myself last. My thoughts consume a lot of me. I’ve been hurt so many times and don’t understand why. I just want the pain to go away many times I’ve thought about taking my own life because and don’t want to feel like this anymore. I have no one I can trust or turn to for guldens and help. I feel lost and cant find my way.

    • Dear Shannon,
      I am so sorry you are feeling the way you are. It’s a heavy burden you’re carrying. You have a very caring heart which is a good thing but it can also mean people will take advantage of you, etc. leaving you feeling hurt, angry and alone. Please, please know you are deeply loved by God. He has a beautiful plan and purpose for your life. You matter Shannon❤️. If you don’t know Jesus, He is the best friend you will ever have, and He is only a prayer away. Life is complicated, at times difficult, lonely and heartbreaking. When we know the Lord as the Savior of our heart and life, we’re not going it alone anymore. He is with us every step of the way, and the Bible tells us that God will never leave or forsake us! None of us are perfect, not one! We have all made mistakes, fallen and sinned against God. Jesus took our place on the Cross, so we can be made right in God’s sight. When we ask to be forgiven, God is faithful to forgive us of our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (1 John 1:9). The prayer of forgiveness gives us a new hope and a new beginning.

      God bless you Shannon, please don’t give up or loose hope, nothing is beyond God’s reach, He can change your life around. Hold tightly to God, pouring your heart out to Him, and if you haven’t been; start reading the Bible. When we get to know God, by praying, studying the Bible, we begin to have a relationship with Him. Our faith and trust in Him begins to grow, leading to more peace, being stronger and having joy in our life.

      Lord I pray for Shannon, and ask that You would touch her heart Jesus. Lift the heaviness she feels, filling her with Your perfect peace. Help her to know she is never alone, that she is fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 129). Help her to feel Your loving presence giving her comfort and strength.
      Bring healing to all the places in her heart that are broken Lord. Help her to have a forgiving heart for those who have hurt her, so she can be set free from the bondage unforgiveness brings.
      Father, You have not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7) give Shannon a clear mind, help her to keep her mind on You, and whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy to think on these. (Philippians 4:8)
      Bring loving Christian people into her life that will be an encouragement and blessing to her. Thank you Lord that You are not a cold or remote God, but one that is full of mercy, compassion and loving kindness to Your children , pour that out to Shannon now bringing strength, healing and hope. Thank you for hearing and answering our prayers. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

    • Shannon, I am so sorry that you are going thru all of this. Don’t give up, God is with you. I know what it’s like to put others first, and sometimes, they put us last. The pain can be so intense at times. When you feel like you just can’t do it anymore, pray to God to help you with your burdens. He is there for you, to help you and comfort you. We all have a purpose in this life, that purpose is to praise God. Some of us feel things more than others do. Please find somebody to talk to, a pastor, a counselor, a friend. You are not alone. We are all here for you. Reach out any time. May God release you from all your pain and show you that you are needed and wanted.

    • Dear Shannon,

      You are hurting so much right now and for so long. Your words transmit a lot of pain and struggle. I’m so thankful you came here to ask for prayer. Maybe even just writing it into words helped you.

      Of course we will pray for you. And please, please find someone to talk to. You don’t have to keep going through this alone. Maybe you might want to find a church to attend. Just go to pray, that’s all. The Lord will guide you from there, I’m sure of it.

      Don’t give up Shannon! Things can get better. You can heal and find peace. Begin to trust in that reality. The Lord will help you, and we will be praying for you.

      God’s grace, blessings, peace and protection to you!

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