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10,532 thoughts on “Ask for Prayer

  1. Please pray for my son that God will save him. He’s still excessively drinking and ending up in the VA hospital. I am so sad, hurt and feeling alone because I can’t help him. Thank you

    • Prayers for your son.
      Heavenly Father,guide him to a healthy path and show him the right way to be sober .
      Prayers for comfort to mom,I been through addiction with my son as well as you know and prayers have helped and healed my baby !!now I pray that you help her son to do what you did with mine Jesus name,Amen

    • Dear Jean,
      It’s been so painful for you! It’s not surprising at all how you feel. How could you not feel sorrow for your son’s suffering? I wish I had some words that could soothe your pain. Only in your heart of hearts will you find meaning, only in God’s presence. It must have something to do with the suffering of our Lord Jesus. For those that hurt deeply, his wounds may be the only place we can go to during such hard times.
      You and your son are in my prayers. God’s grace, protection and mercy to you both!

    • Lord Jesus Christ Loves You.

      May the Lord Jesus Christ
      Fill your heart with all his
      Peace and love in life and trust
      In him every day as you smile
      So bright you feel the Lord Jesus Christ
      Touching your heart in your life and with
      The Lord Jesus Christ in your heart to stay
      He loves you all so much every day.

      David P Carroll.

    • Jean I continue to pray for you and your family and for healing and restoration of life. I pray for open doors and strength of desire to heal. I pray for your patience and endurance. Your continued faith is such an encouragement.

  2. I’m a minister and recently been let go from my church by a small group, for really no good reason! Lots of people have found out and some will end up leaving the church! I hope they don’t t but they are not happy! I do need to find another church!

    • Dear Pastor John, I will be praying for you. That God will give you, wisdom, clarity and patience as you wait upon Him for direction and another church. I know it is not an easy place to be in. My father-in-law was a Pastor and a group of people in the church he was pastoring wanted him out. It was a difficult and painful period for him and the family but God was faithful and opened the door to another church for him. Praying you are filled with His perfect peace and that the Lord will open the door very soon for you. God Bless you.

    • Dear Pastor John,
      I’m so sorry to hear about your troubles. How frustrating and sad it must be for you. As you know, the Lord’s ways are higher than our ways. I’m sure that you are seeking and trusting in the Lord to find meaning now. Only he can show the the “why” about all this.
      Meanwhile, you are in may prayers about the future of your ministry.
      God’s grace, guidance, protection and blessings to you!

  3. Praying everything work out in my finances. I honestly have bitten off too much I can chew and need God over powering rescue to see and get me through. My income sector has been frozen and I really feel like the enemy is using the same tactics to pull me down. I need a miracle , not for personal gain but just to clear my name and be set free financially to be able to walk in the destination God has provided for me. I can’t do that in debt. So I’m praying to be free from debt and all my needs to be met. Lord strengthen my faith and help me believe my unbelief.

    • O blessed Lord… pour out your grace over this person… send your Spirit to guide and enable growth no matter how difficult the situation may be… may the lessons learned be lasting and may they build a solid character is this child of yours… may this person first come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior… and from that rock may this person’s life be built solid and sure for many years to come… send your providence and mercy, o loving Lord… and may all things occur according to your holy will… in Jesus name, Amen.

  4. Please pray that my son will break the bonds of computer addiction and teenage rebellion and be receptive to authority. Also that he will feel the great love his family and God have for him. Thank you.

    • Dear Lord I pray for Sarah’s son that You would soften his heart. Give him wisdom to make good decisions and choices. Open the eyes of his heart to see the truth of obedience to You and to those who are in authority in his life, especially his parents. Help him to see and feel the great love You have for him Lord, and that of his parents.
      Give his parents wisdom, patience and clarity as they walk through this time with their son, Thank you God for hearing and answering our prayers. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

    • O merciful Lord… pour out your Spirit over Sarah and her son… bring healing and freedom… give Sarah confidence as s mother and help her to guide her son with wisdom… show her how to set healthy limits and may she be strengthened by the love of Christ… may her son’s heart be opened and his mind freed… send your grace in abundance to the entire family, O loving Lord… in Jesus name, Amen.

      I am praying for you Sarah, your son and the entire family. God’s grace and blessings to you all!

    • O merciful Lord… send your blessings and protection to Trina… give her your grace in abundance… let her know she is loved as a child of God… let Trina know her life has great value… give her the peace that comes from the wounds of Christ Jesus… make her solid and sure… give her wisdom and guide her with your Holy Spirit… may the peace and the protection of the Lord be upon Trina and her family and her home… give blessings and health to the children… unite them all in the heart of Christ… in Jesus name, Amen.

      I am and will be praying for you Trina and your family. God bless you!

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