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10,103 thoughts on “Ask for Prayer

    • Lord I pray that You would fill Your child with Your perfect peace. You know all her needs, and all power is in Your mighty hand. Bring healing to where it is needed, peace to a anxious heart, comfort to a heart that is weary and hurt. Pour out Your love and mercy upon her bringing joy to her heart. Thank you for hearing and answering our prayers. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

    • Lord come with your love power and mercy. Bring peace and comfort, lift all fears and anxieties from the family that they may endure the storm staying close to you. In jesus name amen

  1. Praying we receive daily encouragement, daily wisdom, daily healing , and restoration continuously. Lord we pray you hear and answer our personal prayers in importance to your word. Guide us individually, and as a collective in Christ Jesus.

  2. Please pray for my daughter-in-law. She is 46 years old and had a stroke. Please pray for a full recovery. Also pray for my little grandson who is only 7 yrs old. His brother has threatened to kill him. He is petrified of him. His brother has a lot of problems but I fear for my grandson. Please pray for him and his brother.

    • Send your healing grace… pour out your peace… O loving Lord, have mercy on the daughter-in-law and the children… make their home safe… may your Spirit bring great change and love to them all.. may they be restored to live united in the heart of Christ… in Jesus name, Amen.

      I will continue to pray for them. God’s grace to you Denise.

    • Lord I pray protection over this family. I pray for the childrens hearts and minds. May your peace grace and understanding come to them, let all fear be lifted and replaced with sibling love esp as they cope with their mother’s health.
      I pray your healing for the stroke lord let your spirit bring order back to her physical being that she can live and be the mother to her children.
      I pray for Denise give her courage and wisdom in how she interacts and supports her family bring wisdom an strength. Thank you for her faith in you and answer her cries in jesus name amen

    • Oh Denise, I am so sorry. I will certainly keep your daughter-in-law, your little grandson and his brother in my prayers. I so hate to see little ones frightened like this. Life is hard enough. Thankful God is bigger than any circumstance or problem, and He is forever faithful!

      Lord I pray that You would bring healing to Denise’s daughter in law. Fill her with Your perfect peace, allowing her body to relax and strengthen. Give wisdom and compassion to her Drs, PT’s, to help her to make a quick and full recovery.
      I pray for a hedge of protection around her little grandson. We know that fear is not from You. Fill him with Your love and power. I pray for a softening of his brothers heart. Whatever is causing him to do this terrible intimidation to his brother, You Lord know what needs to be healed in his heart, please bring healing and peace to this situation. Fill Denise with Your perfect peace and give her strength and godly wisdom to help her grandson navigate this this hard time in his little life. Thank you for hearing and answering our prayers. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

      • Thank you Jan for your prayers. It stresses me out so bad. I worry constantly. I pray so hard to God for his help. I know he will help, and soon.

        • Anytime Denise. ❤️ Keeping you all in my prayers. Yes, believing God will help soon. Very often I believe He working on hearts and things we can’t see. Waiting is hard, especially when it comes to our children or grandchildren.

  3. Please pray for the release of my niece from an abusive relationship. Prayers of protection for herself, young daughter and her son. Bind the men that are causing this family hurt, anxiety and fear. Remove them permanently from her life. Bless her with a change of mind and heart to chose better relationships.

    • O merciful Lord… in Jesus name we pray for freedom and healing… deliver the niece and her children from harm… cast out the influence of the enemy far from them… let your peace and grace fill their hearts… bring them joy and happiness… let them rest and be secure in your Spirit… pour out your blessings and your mercy over them all, O loving Lord… in Jesus name, Amen.

      So sad to hear about this problem Kyle. I’m sure it hurts you to see what is happening. It’s hard to wait for change, especially when loved ones and children are involved. I will be keeping you, your niece and her family in my prayers. Be blessed.

    • Lord bring safety to your children, let your arms surround them with your peace and gentleness that also creates a firm shield from the evil attacks. Lord in your name I rebuke the abuse brought upon them. Show them the path to go to be separated from those who do harm. Bring support from others who can bring shelter but also bring healing to the wounds. In your mighty loving name I pray amen

  4. Urgent prayers please. Spent most of the night at my parents dad took ill and ended up being back into hospital. His oxygen and pulse were low and was unresponsive after going to sleep. They are doing tests.pray for both dad and mum who is very stressed and anxious

    • I am praying for healing for your dad and praying that your mom is less stressed. So sorry Colin, I will keep your dad, mom and you in my prayers

      • He has started to respond in Tues but at 10pm that evening they called mum for us to go in. He had. Gone back into the non responsive sleep and blood pressure dropped. They had him on fluids and gave sugar and glucose to him by by morning the pressure never improved and droped low on occasions. They decided that as treatment wasn’t making a difference they would go into comfort care unit. Mum and I have been here since. He still in that sleep but it his and god’s hands how and when things happen he still going near 24 hours later

        • Thanks for the update Colin. My heart goes out to you and your dear mum, I know how hard this is. My mom lived to be 98, but the last several years of her life were infections every couple of months and in and out of the hospital, plus she was dealing with constant pain. She had a couple episodes like your dad, scared me each time. She did come out of them, and we never did know what had happened. You both take care and give your mum a hug for me. I know this is hard. I pray you all feel God’s comforting arms around you, giving you strength and peace. 🙏🏻 I will keep you all covered in prayer.

        • Send your gentle mercy O Lord… send the soft whisper of your grace to Colin, his mum and dad… let them touch the hem of the garment of Christ to be restored, to feel the power of his healing grace… unite them in your love, O merciful Lord… in Jesus name, Amen.

          Continuing in prayer for you Colin, your mum and dad. We are with you brother, united in the Spirit. love and prayer.

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