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9,372 thoughts on “Ask for Prayer

  1. I am facing with so many issues now. it was something that i prayed for 2 decades not to happen but it did. My dad has stage 4 rare cancer, my business is in low financial situation and currently left with poor business due to Covid 19, and constantly lacking of good staffs. I feel that all my business plans has been thwarted and all the efforts done to develop my business has been suppressed. My dreams are further and further away as I get older over time. After struggling for 25 years in this business, my business stayed small, far from what i had in mind and wanted, I tried many ways, even changing my ways of behavior , thoughts and personality, Still I am here where I am today. I am weary and despondent . I pray to avoid financial and poor business issue when my family needs arises. Unfortunately it has to happen . I am controlling my anger , for fear it would make things worse. My heart feels heavy as I feel my lungs has compressed inward and my mind at times is bleak. This is not the life I want , I do not know how and what to pray

    • Karen, I am so sorry that you have so many issues going on right now in your life. I’m praying for your dad, there are really good new procedures now for different cancers, I don’t know if that is an option or not. I also own a small business and times are really bad right now due to covid, unfortunately business owners of small businesses seem to always have problems with employees, I know we do. Don’t be mad or angry, it doesn’t do any good except to make your health bad.
      Don’t be discouraged (I know from experience that’s hard to do) but try to remain hopeful.

      Father, I pray that your mercy and grace will set Karen and her family apart today and give them blessings, open doors, signs and wonders and miracles for them, in the name of Jesus. Amen

      • Jean , thank you for your blessing to pray for me. I always believe the Lord will deliver and I want to claim an open door to get up and deal with it . I want to have a breakthrough as time is running out on my dreams. It is just that my “boat” seemed to have been punctured with many holes but it has yet to capsize, I am pinning on this hope because it is not the end as yet for me. I ask the Lord for the promise to be delivered early. Amen

    • Karen, Jean is right discouragement and anger are not the answers. They Are what the devil wishes to succumb to as they take you away from god. Instead lean on him. He knows every single aspect of your hurt and issues and understands all of your feelings. Just as you love and care for your father and it pains you to see him I’ll, so much more does God feel for you. His ways are higher than ours and all too often we can do nothing but cry out to him with why. But do cry out to him and bring him your frustrations and confusions. Trust him to take them and heal and restore in his ways and times which will give s much better than ours. I know how hard that is to do so I join with you in. Prayer In jesus name

      • Colin , thanks for the encouragement and reminder of Lord’s wonderful gifts. I acknowledged it always in my heart. I am waiting to be healed . Amen

    • Dear Karen… I am so sorry to hear about your struggles, especially about your dad’s health. You are right, 25 years is certainly a long time. There are no easy answers. But please remember, this is not the last chapter of your life. Seek God’s voice in all of this. Talk to him in open, honest prayer. Read his Word, especially the Psalms. As time goes, you will gain a deeper understanding of things. Don’t let hate and frustration be at the center of your heart. Instead, let the love of Jesus Christ show you the way. It is possible, but you have to decide to walk this path. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

      I will praying for you, your dad, your family and your finances. God’s grace to you!

      • Thank you, Vincent, I have no hatred but frustrations. Indeed, 25 years have passed. Today Jesus has shown me a point of release and that it is to pray out loud in this manner. Though very apprehensive in the beginning I must say, a giant step for me. Psalms are my constant favorite as I am seeking Provisions. HE gives me back my sole companion of a HEALING CD today which was misplaced 5 years ago. Memory and connection of trials, failures, and victory over 2 decades. That is a sign HE heard me. And HE knows the heart of my father. A fighter who has yet to know HIM and it is HIM who fights with my father along with my family and me in silence,

        May Jesus show me the provisions I need to have, I claim I have been blessed by your prayers. Amen

  2. I am asking for prayer support for my husband who has been chronically ill with severe abdominal pain 24/7, severe digestive issues, and now anxiety and depression. He is a Believer, but is very discouraged and so am I bc we have been to so many doctors and so many tests. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    • Sandra, god’s ways are higher than ours his thoughts higher than ours. We will not always understand his path for us or why things happen but keep trusting and drawing close to him. His strength is shown in our weakness. Rely on him fully as nothing else in earth will ever fulfill like him. I am praying for you both to keep strong and trust in the lord and that he will answer your prayers.

    • O Lord, pour out your healing grace over Sandra’s husband…reach out your hand to touch him.. send your Spirit in abundance to them both… may they continue to seek and trust in you, O Lord… may the doctors care for him with compassion and wisdom… restore him to health…. restore him in body, mind and soul… may Christ be alive in their union… in Jesus name, Amen.

      I will be praying for you Sandra and your husband!

  3. Thank you Jean, Jan and Colin for your faithfulness here. We are all part of the living Body of Christ. It is such an encouragement to me to know you are here and praying for us all. God’s great and abundant blessings to you my dear sisters and brother in Christ Jesus!

  4. Please pray for me I run ministry in lower settlement where people have very little income. Since we’re in lockdown there’s no income to pay people salaries who in full time ministry. We need God intervention

    • Pour out your mercy and providence over apostlemncube and his community O Lord… send your blessings… send your peace… may your Spirit encourage them to seek the Lord during this trial… may your grace flow abundantly over each home and heart… may your holy will be done, O loving Lord… in Jesus name, Amen.

      I will be praying for you and your community!

    • Lord I thank you that you are a God of provision and you leave nothing to chance. Whatever is your plan you will provide the means. No man can ever try stop your will. Let apostlemncube walk in faith in you and not by sight of the world and trust that you are in control. In jesus name

    • Dear Sandra, Talk to the Lord every day. Pray in your own words, in your own way. Read his word and participate in his church. These are the best ways to get closer. And serve others… in this way you serve Jesus directly.

      You can do it Sandra! It is not complicated. Just take a few steps forward every day.

      I will be praying for you!

    • Sandra keep close to the lord in his ways. The more time you spend with him the stronger the relationship will get. Just like any earthly relationship the more you desire and spend together the closet it becomes. God already wants to be close to you. Read the Bible, spend time in prayer just talking, and listen to worship music that sence of connection with God. You’ll find that If you keep doing these the easier it will be to feel close to God and a desire for more.

  5. I’ve been very far from God since covid began. I’ve been feeling discouraged from what God has been showing for a past few months and I keep find myself facing Him away ,but part of my heart wants Him and in need of Him. But, it’s so hard for me to read the bible and understand His word. It’s very hard. I’m facing more of worldly desires than I face Him now. It’s more hard because I’ve never been like this since I got saved. I just don’t know…I just feel like it’s too late for me to go back to Him.

    • Jeje, it’s never too late to return to God. He will accept you with open arms. I’ll be praying that you find your way back to him.

    • Jeje, Jean is right it is never too late to return to God. Praying and reading His Word are very important things we can do to draw close to God. Please don’t give up on reading His Word. Maybe if you tried a different version? is a great website where you can choose which one is a good fit for you. New King James NIV, The Living Bible, etc. so many choices. They also have Bible reading plans. Pray for wisdom and understanding before you read. Ask God to show you, what He wants teach you. Sometimes, it does take discipline to set aside time each day to spend with Him, in prayer and reading His Word, but it is so worth it! The Bible tells us “draw near to God and He will draw near to you” James 4:8
      A long time ago, my husband I read through the Bible together, from Genesis to Revelation. I had been a Christian for about 15 years at that point and to be honest, at the end of that year I did not feel closer to the Lord, and I didn’t feel the joy I had expected to feel. I can’t tell you exactly why.
      Today, I love reading His Word, drawing close to Him and walking with Him brings me joy. It might help you to spend time listening to praise music, and praise Him. Then before you read the Bible, spend time in prayer, ask Him to help you understand His Word. I find my heart is more receptive to His Word after I have done these two things. Praising God, gives us joy, and prayer will soften our hearts.
      I believe it is the Holy Spirit who is nudging you to hold on to the Lord. With so much, fear, anxiety, and depression going on in the world today, many are hurt, angry or confused with God. They forget there is a enemy to all of our souls, Satan. He is the Father of lies, and it is his goal to turn us away from God. The good news is “Greater is He who is in you, than he who is in the world” 1 John 4:4. I will be praying for you Jeje, God Bless you,

    • It is never, ever too late Jeje! As long as you have life, you can return to him. No sin is bigger than God’s love and mercy. Return to him. Ask for forgiveness and the heavens will open up to you. The grace of God will flow over you. Let Christ cleanse you and heal you. Do not be afraid. Seek and trust in God. He is so good!

      I will be praying for you!

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