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8,956 thoughts on “Ask for Prayer

  1. May the lord hear my prayers take away my worries, I am afraid I will soon have no where to live, and may I reconcile with my family , and find happiness again.

  2. I fell off the top of a semi truck several years ago and my xwife ran off with one of my friends after they tried to burn me up in our house I had worked as a Tool and Die Maker for 26 years I barely got out alive but my daughter stopped by needing a babysitter and it kept me alert enough to smell smoke and I had 3 back surgeries and couldn’t work so I lost my house and everything I had worked for for so many years and I couldn’t even stand up but couldn’t get on disability I lived say out in the country and wouldn’t see another person for months at a time and when I did it would only be for 20 or 30 minutes at a time and then another month or two I finally started getting a little better and had to move to Town I finally fell madly in love with a girl and 4 months into the relationship I had a stroke and heart attach and was in the hospital for a couple weeks when I got home my girlfriend had stolen 10 thousand dollars out of my dresser and took a title for a blazer I had bought to resell she wouldn’t even tell me anythingi found her at her x boyfriends in my blazer I thought I was going to die and she held my hand all night and we cross and laughed the night I had it and she said she would marry me and I said if something happened and I don’t make it I wanted her to have it and make things easier for her and to show her how much she meant to me but when I got home from the hospital she had taken everything even the stuff I had brought to the apartment it completely broke me and I am ashamed I said a lot of things I shouldn’t have but I was so hurt and devistated now she filled charges against me for stalking her and driving by the apartment I paid the rent and electric but I threatened her in a text and it is a fellany and up to 4 year’s in jail and the really bad part is that I am still madly in love with her even though she is with her she said she couldn’t stand I need all the help I can get I don’t want to think bad about Tiffany Raef because I really do love her and would have made sure she had a good life but she chose getting high over love with a good Man.. what can I do to get her out of my mind I would still be able to get past all of it and love her and wish that would happen but I don’t think she can be around me now because I remind her of who or what she really is inside Please help me or direct me to where I can get it
    Sorry for the book I had a lot to say lol

    • Dear Marvin,
      I’ll be praying for you. It’s hard to get over someone we love. You have been through so much and need time to heal. Lord please guide Marvin. Help him to have peace and clarity in his decision’s. Heal his heart, help him to feel the great love you have for him. Comfort your child and bring people into his life that will encourage and be a positive influence. In Jesus name. Amen.
      Marvin seek the Lord, He will never let you down, or forsake you. If you don’t know Him, He is the greatest friend you can ever have.♥️

    • Dear Marvin,
      You’ve been through so much! You are hurting in so many ways. If you need him and are willing to open up your heart to him, Jesus will help you. He will help you heal and understand. Plus, he will help your forgive and be forgiven. Finally, his Spirit will guide you forward. In Jesus you have life eternal. You can be free. Seek him and let him show you the best way.

      I will be praying for you… don’t give up hope!

    • Wow Marvin. I’m so sorry to read your story.. you first need to get yourself up and find your self worth..sometimes we get lost in the confusion of life.. and of matters of the heart. Pray to God to help you thru your darkness and to find that road of is out there… sometimes we need to go thru so many detours before we find what is truly important .. I will pray for you .. God Loves you. , but he wants you to know what you really want and need then he will step in. Have Faith Nd take one day at a time…

    • Praying for you Martin. Let God be your comfort and your healer. He will fill every empty space and sadness you have and will show you new joys you never even knew about. People will hurt you and leave, God will never leave you or forsake you. I will lift you up in prayer.

  3. Please pray for me my husband and family as we face delayed financial release from the Financial services Company we invested our money in, since 2018 and 2019 respectively. We are due now to receive this Investment planned to settle our debts. The financial manager , we trust God she’s working on it , although lately she hasn’t appeared to indicate when we are getting paid.
    Their delays has resulted in us getting an adverse letter of eviction from the landlord.
    Please pray for us we are so anxious , and we are born again Christians and are always in prayer .
    Help pray for us to finally hear from our Financial Manager and her Support , so that we are able to be assured of a roof over our heads.
    God brought us to this home in 2004 and appeared in my dream and sent a prayer warrior to confirm that he had found this place this house.
    We had just relocated from another small town then and were in a small flat in town when we received need from God that he was taking us to this bigger home.
    We fell back with rental a few months back , in 2019 but managed to resume payments again.
    We received the Eviction letter for us to go to Court on 23 July 2020.
    We are now retired and our Investments are held by this Company, so we can’t do anything for ourselves PLEASE KEEP US IN YOUR PRAYERS ! We can’t do this on our own ! We are now in anxiety, and fear of the unknown
    We Trust God to take us through this but sometimes we get this overwhelming fear . Please help Pray for us ! Let God have mercy on us and hear our Prayers.
    May the Holy Spirit go to this Company and touch the hearts of those who make financial decisions to pay us.
    Thank you for your time and offer to pray for those in great distress like us .
    I thank you that my email address will not be published.

    • Praying for your financial situation Landiwe. Dear Lord please give Landiwe peace as she and her husband wait on You. Lord please work out their finances so they will not loose their home. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

    • Dear Landiwe,
      I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. Thank you for sharing your testimony in such a sincere way. Even when if someone has faith, that doesn’t mean they can’t have moments of anguish. In all the things you mention, I will be supporting you in prayer.

      Pour out your mercy, Spirit and providence O Lord…

  4. I am getting my IB results tomorrow. I am freaking out and feeling anxious about it. I keep wondering whether I will pass or fail the year. I am really scared. It is not just because of my parent getting so disappointed in me but also wasting their money. IB programme didn’t let us have an exam because of the Pandemic that occurred and still a worrisome. I keep hoping that I will pass. I will know my results tomorrow. Please, help me through prayers. I would appreciate it and thank you in advance.

  5. I’m asking for prayers I lost my daddy 9 month’s ago to cancer and I was married to a narcissistic and our divorce was final Monday and he is a preacher but he is still trying to control my life telling me who I can and can’t be around still don’t want me around my family or kid’s please just keep me in your prayers and that he will stop with his narcissistic ways… Thank you.

  6. My property was taken against my will but I’m busy with High Court to get it back rightfully… So in the meantime while I wait for my Court date these perpetrators are staying unlawfully… Also permitted by the State Police thry are violating, intimidating, huminilating me… Abusing my rights as a single mom. My son is suffering from this in the process and they come in a gang of men sometimes.even at night. They trying to scare me before my Court date in doing a lot of intimidating stuff. I can’t get help anywhere but to just wait for everything to be heard and decided in Court. It pains me but I can’t allow the devil to scare me to reach my goal of winning. They huminilate me so many times but I just keep still and I know my Heavenly Father see’s everything daily. They use witchcraft also and I just pray always for protection of the Blood of Jesus Christ. They want me to get afraid and just move out well I can’t. Because they hijack properties always especially single mom’s. And it’s a norm in our area and noone helps. While I’m at work they do things here in my house.They bring women and all this are unlawful but I just keep still and wait on the Lord to do the possible. I want the army of servants of Jesus to pray with me to break the strongholds of evil. I’ve send to numerous Authorities in the State law Emails but nothing. But I’m believing and trusting that my Father will make a way for me. His never to late but His a God that’s on time. I need strength daily to just stand and wait in Him.So please 🙏 keep me in your prayers I really need them for protection always… Amen 🙏

    • Pour out your justice and mercy O Lord… cast out the evil one with your mighty hand… set the captives free, send healing O Lord… lift up Shirley and give her clarity and strength… work in her favor O Lord… send legions of angels to protect Shirley… pour out your Spirit in abundance… in Jesus name, Amen.

      I will be praying for you Shirley!

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