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8,923 thoughts on “Ask for Prayer

  1. Please pray that Vintavous and I (Christina) clear all things not from God in our path and that we may have a happy healthy prosperous God filled marrigae forever. In Jesus name thank you. Amen.

  2. I have never claimed any other God than Jesus Christ as My Lord and Saviour, my King, My Counselor, from whom all Blessings flow, and who gave me a peace and joy that words cannot describe. My faith has always been rock solid..Jesus has always been my one and only. But I need prayer more now than any other day in my 52 years in this life. I was in a daily, 24 hour abusive situation for 17 months by a man who ran a Christian transition home who told the other occupant he was going to marry me without my knowledge or consent. This woman exploded, went to our Pastor and the Elders and staff and called me an abomination of Christ, the devil, and her sloppy seconds. I am almost deaf, have MS on disability with no support in any way from anyone. The abuse was sexual, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual by both of them. I cannot sleep, I am afraid of people and he has even tracked my phone and found me on an online support group. I cannot stop the recurrent memories that are almost surreal. I know I have to forgive. That is certain. If these people weren’t believers it would be a lot easier. How do I forgive Christians that could do the most horrific things to another and not feel any remorse? Rape? Slander? Not being allowed to pray with them in the morning? Assaulted? And the other one sitting there letting her continue?

    How in the world do I forgive? I want to, I need to I have to but how??? Why I do I blame myself when I never uttered a word of disdain?

    Please please pray for me. Because I need to feel Jesus again. It’s not getting any better and God seems so far away. I need to see these people as God sees them. But they have almost gotten away with murder. Why did this happen? What am I supposed to learn? How can I feel like His daughter again? How do I forgive? Because everything I’m doing is not working.

    Please keep me in your prayers. There is power when two or more are gathered in His name.

    • What a terrible experience Merry! How sad. I can’t imagine what you are going through. Don’t feel guilty if you can’t forgive yet. You are still hurting and healing. Nobody, not even God, will fault you for having to process everything that happened to you. And remember, it is NOT your fault. In these situations, a human explanation always falls short. What was done to you was wrong, no doubt. Where it goes from here will be up to you and when you are ready. Only in God’s presence will you be able to understand it all.

      These are your words:
      “I have never claimed any other God than Jesus Christ as My Lord and Saviour, my King, My Counselor, from whom all Blessings flow, and who gave me a peace and joy that words cannot describe. My faith has always been rock solid..Jesus has always been my one and only.”

      How powerful and deep those words are! I think the answers you seek are partially already inside you. In your history.
      I will be praying for you!

  3. Pam I will pray for you and your sisters Dogs.. as a dog owner I know what it’s like to have a cancer pet, it is heartbreaking. I pray to St Raphael the Archangel of healing for humans and pets.. I will pray for you and your sister s dogs .. 🐾🐾🙏🙏

  4. I have diabetic neuropathy. It drives me NUTS!! I have stabbing pain almost everyday. I also have numbness everyday. I have begged God to help me, but I still have it. It bothers me mentally. It makes it hard to walk. My sister is in complete agony about her two German Shepard’s that have cancer. They get her through everyday, and are her loyal companions. I need a prayer for their healing.

    • Sending prayers for your sisters two dogs, it’s really hard when our animals are in pain. Sending prayers for you too, may God listen to your prayers and heal you or at least lesson your pain.

    • Send your healing mercy O Lord… pour out your Spirit and your peace…

      I’m so sorry to hear about your pain Pam. Nephropathy is not easy to deal with at all.
      I will be praying for you Pam and for your sister and her pups!

  5. Friends, if you could pray for my husband and myself. We have a small family business now 3 employees including ourselves, and have lost a key employee of many years. Without him we are having a hard time with our work. He said he needed a change. I wish him nothing but luck and happiness, however we are suffering mentally, especially my husband, and we are suffering financially and don’t know what the outcome of our business of 40 years will be. I know that when many are praying for a good outcome, sometimes it is better. Thank you

  6. My daughter and husband are struggling with slot of WHY’S to GOD- because they have had 3 failed in-vitro fertilization’s and the Dr keeps saying everything looked great but still failed-pray for their hearts which are breaking, their relationship with GOD and each other to grow stronger through all of their pain .thank you so much

    • Praying for your daughter and her husband now. I can imagine how they are suffering. Keep faith, keep praying. I know it is sometimes hard to keep faith when things go wrong in our lives, but God is good. God bless them and pray that they don’t lose faith.

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