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Ask for prayer

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Together we ask God to help you and heal you.

Since we receive so  many requests, we can’t respond to everyone online.
You can be certain that every message is read, and someone is praying for you.

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7,142 thoughts on “Ask for Prayer

  1. Long story short, my mother has not been actively applying to jobs she feels are below her. Also, she has no income, and has been expecting me to pay her bills. She blew thru $14,000+ in one month, KNOWING she had no other income, and did not care to budget. My credit has been affected, because I was forced to cosign a car, she couldn’t afford. She’s been complaining about upcoming bills, and all i am is a walking bank. EVERYTIME I begin saving money, here she comes with a self inflicted crisis. When she doesn’t have money, its “please…thank you”, and when she’s on her feet she uses things she said were from God, and throw them in my face. I am fed up with working to support her demons and outright self righteousness. I exist to be told everything that’s been done for me, because she’s irresponsible and didn’t use protection.

    • Dear friend… Your situation is so complex! It must be so hard for you to set healthy boundaries. I would suggest family counseling. If your mom says no, then you have no reason to keep supporting her actions.

      I will be praying for you and your situation!

  2. May my small request reach the hearts of our savior. I know im insignificant to ask such requests, for i am not worthy. As many people go through such difficult times, so am i. So i ask of those who can, please pray for me/us. May our relationship grow together. For this separation is too much to bare. May Cristobal and myself find common growns, and reunite us if its his holy will. More loving and devoted to each other. For 25 years of affection and love feels as its not even a life time. So i pray. I pray that all this pain helps us grow and communicate better. I pray this separation doesn’t last long, but mostly i pray for our souls, very much so. That there be no anger, as we are both hurting. That we may soften our hearts and remove all pride and bring us back together as a team. Not of who’s right or wrong but with love and compassion. I know i am not worthy, but i still believe. Father, son and holy spirit be with us now and thank you for such love

  3. I really love this site,thanx every one for praying for one another,may the almighty God bless all ur families in Jesus’ name #amen
    Am Charles from #uganda
    Am currently looking for a job vacancy,in Europe,so help me God

  4. Please I have been dealing with panic atcks all my life been on meds and nothing is working anymore so I ask you to please release me from all of this thank you

  5. Prayer for Rebecca, my fiance. She has a gambling problem and has alot of negative people, who are destroying our relationship. I love her and I asking for your prayers

  6. I am question prayer for myself and my family. I requests prayer that God blesses me with friends happiness and peace on earth. prayer for my husband that he changes for the better of himself and our family and stop his wrong doings. That my daughters are girls of God don’t do drugs or things that harm their bodies.

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