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7,817 thoughts on “Ask for Prayer

  1. I am asking for prayer for my family . My daughter’s children were recently taken from our home based on inaccurate information and circumstances. My daughter needs prayer and I feel like I keep taking back what I give to God. I try to give Him my daughter and grandchildren, my worries and my fear, but I wake up so burdened, with a heavy heart, full of anxiety and panic I cannot imagine not having those babies in my life! I cannot imagine the hurt and pain my daughter has to be experiencing which I am certain she is covering with medication. My father recently passed away and my whole family has just lost their hearts. Please pray for a family healing….our hearts and our precious babies Madaline and Aiden. Thank you and God bless.

  2. My Name is Ahmed Sani from Ghana. I have dated a girl for 5 years now and when her father came from abroad, he said he won’t agree for us to be together and since we love each other, the father couldn’t separate us so he has consulted a spiritual doctor and the have separated us, now I have become an enemy to my girl and she don’t want to see me again. She talks to me anyhow and finally she has break up with me. I want her back please help me in your prayers please.

  3. Please pray for me. I’m currently going through a difficult divorce. I’ve lost years of my life and I feel I’m sinking deeper and deeper into depression and hopelessness. I am obviously worried about finances and getting on my feet again. My soon to be ex is still very emotionally abusive and because I cannot pay rent and mortgage I’m forced to live in the same apartment until finances are sorted. I’m weary yet I keep having faith. But today I’m at my end. I honestly not sure what my purpose is anymore and I’m so tired from all this.

  4. I need help with my son Mark who is lost and a prodigal living life apart from Jesus. He has court issues pending, just received child support orders from butte county child support division, has not worked a full time job since Nov of 2017. Has not seen his children of two in a month. Does not pay any of his bills that I am helping out with. I am so scared. This situation has gone on for way to long. I am in constant war and battle fatigued. God seems to not be hearing my prayers for Mark Joseph. I am ready to give up. I cant take another day. It seems I have gone full circle and sowing what I reap with my former husband and what I did to him that is happening with my son. I cant take no more. I am miserable, hopeless, despair, grieving to where I do not take care of myself. I am so sadened in my spirit for my son. I need a touch and so does my son from Jesus. I dont know how to be content in this horrific situation. My son does not care about anything anymore it seems , especially when it comes to responsibilities. I dont know how to let go because I am a fix it type of person who truly genuinely cares for people and those in need even when it causes me almost death. I am suffering miserably. It seems I can’t go on in life. I am stuck and need help King Jesus for me and our son. Please Lord no more shut doors. I need to see brand new open doors for myself and son. I am touching the hem of your garment in faith Lord for a God do it moment in Jesus Name Amen. Please be praying in agreement for the Lords and my son Mark and myself Valarie. Thank you

    • Dear Valerie…. How hard it must be for you! Your situation is certainly complicated. Many families seem to be facing similar problems, just like you. One thing to pray about… are you helping your son too much? Sometimes we, as parents, mean well, but we don’t let our kids grow. If we keep doing things for them, they’ll never learn to fix things on their own. I’m not sure what your circumstances are, but it might be something to pray about.

      I will be praying for you and your son…. don’t lose hope Valarie! The Lord is with you!

  5. My depression and anxiety are very strong again. Its very dark .I called off my wedding for the 4th time because I don’t feel worthy and I feel broken. Trying to get thru the day and struggling . if someone could pray for strength for me thank you. God bless us all

  6. My depression and anxiety are very strong again. Its very dark .I called off my wedding for the 4th time because I don’t feel worthy and I feel broken. Trying to get thru the day and struggling . if someone could pray for strength for me thank you. God bless us all

    • Pray for my physical health and restoration. In December 1999 a car accident left me partially paralyzed from the waist down. Now at age 54, I’m bedconfined and desperate to understand my daily purpose and future. I have hope and faith that there’s more to living than in a hospital bed. Pray for my healing, a strengthening of my body, the clarity of my purpose and a sustainable desire to be more in Christ Jesus living a full and joyous life everyday.

      • Dear Cora…. How hard it must be for you. I’m so sorry to hear about your difficulty. It inspires me though to know you are still seeking Christ even despite your suffering. You are a living testimony.

        I will be praying for your health and for you to find the meaning and purpose of all that you have suffered. God bless you!

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