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You can be certain that every message is read, and someone is praying for you.

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7,148 thoughts on “Ask for Prayer

  1. I say the powerful weapon we can be overcomes is salvation and daily walk with the Lord. My phone was stolen and I have stored many documents for the office, please pray I may get it and the thief may get saved

  2. I would like to ask for a prayer my in laws are being so intrusive and I’m angry at my husband I don’t feel like he is standing up for me I’m angry depressed anxious and feel guilty for feeling this way .Feel hopeless . Thank you

  3. Please pray for me I’m struggling with my oldest daughter who lives with she wants to be right all the time just recently I found out that I have type 2 diabetes she trying telling what’s best for me etc I went to see the doctors I’m on meds to help with lower my sugars level down my daughter depress thought she quit her job to be there for boys who have behavioral issues she thinks that my things are her things including my new car it’s upsets me that she lies to me that when uses my car for delivery services with out my knowledge I’ve ask her not to do it I didn’t buy the car for her I want to move out but I have mom guilt because I’m afraid she harm the oldest boy because she hates him and calls all kinds of names

  4. I am truly blessed as God has been healing and renewing me through and through. It took an incident which almost destroyed ever aspect of my life that awakened. Me. I am grateful to the person who threatened to expose and blackmail because I wouldn’t have truly gone into the journey of transformation. I accept what cross that God gives me. I just want to be rid of this person from my life and keep him from destroying other peoples lives. I am asking God to convert him or do whatever needed to protect others. I want to be simply a servant. I am asking to allow me to serve till the day I die. I am asking to be free from scandal

  5. Hello,

    I ask for prayer requests occasionally when I’m having issues with my mother. She has Bipolar/Mania Disorder, and exhibits symptoms consistent with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I suffer from NPD abuse, and there has not been any relief, even as an adult.

    Recently, we both talked about how we feel we are living purposeless lives. That we do not hear God, and are overwhelmed by constant spiritual attacks. When we ask for answers, we never hear anything, or have guidance.

    Unfortunately, I suffer with addiction, due to childhood sexual abuse. I am in a constant loop of intentional sinning. I know it is wrong, but it provides temporary comfort, for affection I do not have.

    I feel cut off from God, and that I am not forgivable. I just keep doing the same things because part of me does not care, and I know that is really bad to say aloud.

    What do you do when you feel God has given up on you?

    • Dear friend…

      Your wounds are so, so deep. Your pain and suffering are great. And yes, you are under attack from the enemy. The main attack though is not what happens from the outside. It’s inside. The enemy lies to us telling us that our sin and pain are greater than God’s love and mercy.

      You have gotten comfortable in a cycle of self hurt. Break out of the cycle. Practice the word NO. Say it out loud. Imagine yourself in a situation that tempts you, and say NO. Invoke the name of Jesus. Say, “In the name of Jesus Christ, I say NO.” Pray and prepare for these battles. Don’t wait until after something happens to pray. Get strong before anything happens.

      You can do it! Practice. And when you fall down, run quickly again to the feet of Jesus on the cross for you. He will never, ever abandon you. He did not come down from the cross without giving everything for you, forgiving you. He stayed there loving you. Then he rose again to set you free completely.

      I am praying for you!

    • Dear Anonymous,
      I remember you and pray for you often. I will continue to pray.
      God’s mercy is never ending.
      Lord, set the captives free! We love you friend.

    • Continue pressing in Anonymous,
      Practice saying NO like Vincent said and know you are forgiven. You can do all things through Christ Jesus who gives you strength.
      I love you and am praying for you.
      God bless,

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