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Together we ask God to help you and heal you.

Since we receive so  many requests, we can’t respond to everyone online.
You can be certain that every message is read, and someone is praying for you.

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7,609 thoughts on “Ask for Prayer

  1. Dear Vincent and my online friends,
    I continually read prayer requests and pray for all of you daily. It is an honor.
    I have been going to a local street ministry to serve the homeless and have received prayer requests from many of my street friends. I would like to post those requests for more prayers for our friends.

    A young woman named Vicky asked for prayer to get off of drugs and get into treatment She would like to find a home as well.
    Please pray with me for God to do miracles in her life.

    I also would like prayer. I feel a bit overwhelmed since i have been serving and miss my boys very much. I try and be positive but the sadness creeps in slowly and then overwhelms me. Please pray for God to restore our relationship. For his kingdom order and will to come upon us all.
    In Jesus name
    Thank you

    • Hello Suzanne!

      Thank you so much for your prayer support. It’s comforting to know that you intercede for us in such a caring way. It’s awesome that you are serving in the streets. There is so much need there.

      How difficult it must be to experience the spiritual tension in your life. I think all disciples of Christ feel this – sometimes more, sometimes less.

      I will be lifting up my prayer to our good Lord for you, your family, Vicky and your mission. Thank you for being here!


  2. Earlier today, God showed me a sign the enemy was planning an attack.

    Later this evening, a customer falsely accused me of disconnecting a call, for stating policy (per doctor), and made a scene.

    I had witnesses, including the doctor, who notated the account, and made the office manager aware.

    I wasnt physically upset, but more speechless at how bold satan is.

    I know God has ultimate revenge, and He will take care of my enemies.

    I am not fearful of being fired, since she stated she was filing a complaint.

    I have been looking for another job, due to how I’ve been treated, and the toxic environment.

    Tonight was the 2nd upset customer in a week.

    I have an interview this week Friday, and hopefully it goes well.

    Please pray for me to learn patience, watch my tone, and not feel weak when others bully me.

    I wanted to share because I was depressed and suicidal for months, and reading a simple intro for a bible plan showed me God still forgives, and I have a completely different mindset now.

    • You are so right. One of the tricks the enemy uses is to try to get us to overreact. He wants negativity to get all the attention. Instead, keep the Lord Jesus Christ at the center of your heart, mind and soul. Focus on him and all will be well.

      Praying for you now dear friend. God bless you!

  3. My son is 32 yrs old he was raise very spoil but he doesn’t wanna except it his grown he just wants the party life he gets drunk cussing worst than a sailor! He lives in the street now as soon as we except him back that very first day he start to steal please pray for him amen

  4. Please pray for my husband Greg who is scheduled to have surgery on Mon. July 15th for prostrate cancer. We are praying that the cancer has not spread and also that he will not get sick with the upper respiratory virus I came down with yesterday. We have waited 6 long weeks for this surgery date, I am fearful of something happening and it being postponed (he has stage 3 cancer). Thank you and God Bless

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