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Your prayers make a difference!
Ask for prayer

Add your prayer requests here (scroll to bottom of page).
Or support others with encouragement and prayer.
We all can intercede on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Christ.
Together we ask God to help you and heal you.

Since we receive so  many requests, we can’t respond to everyone online.
You can be certain that every message is read, and someone is praying for you.

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8,520 thoughts on “Ask for Prayer

  1. Please Help me pray IM so desperate, please Lord guide My husband to change his decision. Not to Leave me and My family. Guide US and strengthen US. Lord please let him avoid temptations that Will break our family. Enlightened his heart to come back to me. IM not perfect, I have My shortcomings…IM weak right now, give me strength to fight for our family. Because above all I want My Baby Catherine to have a stable family life. Guide Him Lord

    • Oh merciful Lord, hear and accept Janeth’s prayer… pour out your Spirit and mercy oh Lord… cast out the enemy… heal the wounds and make all things new… all things according to your will… send your Spirit, send your forgiving love… in Jesus name, Amen.

  2. Dear Lord, I messed up bad and hurt my family. I seek your mercy so that I can give my all to you. I offer my prayers to all those who need you at this moment

  3. Please lift my family up before God for Mercy and that God will heal us all emotionally. My brother died unexpectedly few weeks ago and we haven’t been able to tell my parents about it. They’re both aged and frail. We are praying that God should please touch them both and prepare their minds to be able to receive the news of their son’s death. Please pray that the news will not affect them negatively in the name of Jesus.

    • Dear Lord… help this family heal and be secure in the love of Christ… unite them in your love… pour out your mercy and grace… send your Spirit oh Lord… in Jesus name, Amen.

      I will be praying for you and your family!

  4. Please pray for C & J who are being bullied out of their jobs. They are faced with racism among other things. Their self esteem is ruined and finding new jobs is so hard. Even though they want to get out they are stuck. Please pray to change their mind, thoughts and give them wisdom and blessings to move on and away from their current situation and heal from all the damage it’s done. They are a shell of the people they once were. I think C even thinks of suicide and I am very worried. Thank you

  5. Lord I need you! Take these bad thoughts out of mind and my life!!! In you I trust. I shall not fear for you are always with me. Give me the strength I need. The positivity to keep a smile on my face but most importantly please give me Peace and tranquility that my Soul desperately needs. Please Brothers and Sisters help me pray!

  6. Lord I know with you all things are possible… I need your guidance right now financially and mentally.. please protect me during this process.. im struggling and I’m growing weary.. lord cover me please

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