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Leave a prayer request… or encourage and pray for others.
Your prayers make a difference!
Ask for prayer

Add your prayer requests here (scroll to bottom of page).
Or support others with encouragement and prayer.
We all can intercede on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Christ.
Together we ask God to help you and heal you.

Since we receive so  many requests, we can’t respond to everyone online.
You can be certain that every message is read, and someone is praying for you.

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9,307 thoughts on “Ask for Prayer

  1. Please pray for my daughter Sadie. She isn’t in the military, stationed overseas. She has had several panic attacks. Also, she fell down a ladder. She caught herself but messed up her shoulder. So far they haven’t been able to find anything wrong but she has been in pain and her hand turns purple if she doesn’t elevate it. Please pray for mental and physical healing, and guidance to her specialist doctors that are trying to find what’s wrong. Thank you.

  2. My name is Carolyn I made a poor decision and was placed in jail. I have court on May 23 and 24 I’m asking for prayer. I want a favor of not guilty. I have chargers on me which I didn’t do. I did do one of them but not all. Please pray for me. Thanks in advance 🙏🏾

  3. Please continue praying for my daughter. That God will set her free! And that she will seek the Lord. Her ex-boyfriend is in jail right now for assaulting her for the 2nd time. She needs to completed forget about him and move on with her life. Lord Jesus put a christian man in her life.

  4. Please pray for me. I am homeless since 11/02/2017 and unemployed. I also have multiple health (for example, 3 degenerative discs C-5, C-6, C-7) issues which I have been in denial for many years. Thank you very much for your special prayers! DMMJR

    • God, please bless DMMJR with a home and release him from his health issues. Give him direction and give him peace.
      Thank you Jesus!

    • Father i come lifting David Molina up in prayer. Father you said ask and it shall be given, seek and we shall find. Because you are His hope and He is standing on your promises his present condition will change. There is absolutely nothing that you can’t do. So together we say thank you. Thank you for his healing and his new living conditions. Thank you for ordering his foot steps so that he gets the help he needs and thank you for the people that you are sending into his life to help in his present situation. In Jesus’ Name AMEN.

      Now, BELIEVE that God is working it out in your favor. YOUR FAITH IN GOD WILL CHANGE YOUR SITUATION. BLESSINGS.

  5. i am tiered. my body is weak and i have no strength. i ask for you to pray for my body that i stay healthy. i am needing surgery soon on my knee but my body doesnt feel ready. i am too tiered. i have to much to do daily. i know my body and i feel like it is shutting down on me.

    thank you,

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