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6,193 thoughts on “Ask for Prayer

  1. I wanted to clarify a prior post regarding my narcissistic mother. I stated that I don’t earn enough to live on my own. Also, whenever I try to save, there’s a magical bill due, and I’m the only one working. Whenever she has a job, she is let go. I believe it’s because she’s an ugly person, and God is paying her back. Consequently, it continues to put me at a disadvantage. When someone bullies you, and has an overpowering presence, and knows you have nowhere to go, you can’t just “step out on faith”. Living in fear of retaliation is a daily struggle. I can’t leave with no money, family, or friends for support. And if I did, I’d be doing some risky work at a “gentleman’s club”.

    • Dear Anonymous,
      Your situation sounds dire and I am so sorry you are going through this. I understand the term “step out on faith” may sound common or overused but I believe the attempt was more to “trust”. Trust God to turn your situation around.
      Are there other people in your family that could share the load?
      You have faith and believe God can change your situation or you wouldn’t be posting for prayer!
      I was in a relationship where I had no boundaries and did the same sick dance with my husband every day. The dance was totally enabling and kept the dysfunction alive. I decided to “step out in faith” and left him after 23 yrs. My children were so upset and of course my bullying husband told them all sorts of lies about me and threatened me that I would never have a relationship with them again. Currently, I only have a relationship with my daughter, and that is very recent.
      My boys are still angry with me for leaving and won’t speak to me at all. But…………. you know what? My children all needed to be out of the situation we were in and I was the only one to do that for them.
      Now, my boys are living together in a basement suite. My youngest son was a recluse and very introverted with no social skills at all. He stayed in his room all day surfing the deep dark web. I couldn’t change it and my husband enabled it.
      Now, My youngest son is out on his own, with my oldest son doing life! He is working and around people and learning new things everyday. He has struggles but he is way better off than he was – living in his room. So, the sacrifice is mine to bear. They don’t want to be in my life but at least I know that they are free from the sick dysfunctional dance that was keeping them down. I did it for them.
      So, the point of my sharing all this with you is to say………. Be brave, step out in faith and do the opposite of what you are doing.
      People with support you, money will come, friends will be there, you won’t be involved in a risky gentlemen’s club!
      Only you can change your situation.
      When things look bleak and like there is no way out, that is the exact time to get out! The enemy is lying to you and telling you you can’t but you CAN.
      Start with small changes, that will empower you. Say no to things you would normally say yes to. Decide to not be resentful and ask God to show you the things that are good about your Mom.
      Pray for your mom. That is huge in the spiritual realm because you are going against what the enemy is trying to do.
      I don’t want you to feel trapped and neither does God. He loves you so much and will help you make the healthy decisions you need to make.
      There is always a way out. Your mom will be affected but maybe that is what she needs too.
      You are amazing, kind, generous, smart and thoughtful. Don’t let the enemy steal those gifts away from you.
      I will pray for you and so will all our online friends. You have support here!!
      God bless you Anonymous,

    • Please don’t feel we are judging you in any way. We know you are suffering. We know it’s hard. When we say to trust God, it’s because we too have passed through dark times. You can find a way to be better. Let the Lord guide you. Seek him relentlessly and cry out to him. Don’t give up on him or yourself. You can do it!

      And thank you for sharing your struggle here. It means a lot to us.

      I am praying for you!

    • I know it doesn’t feel like it now but there is a way out. Do you attend a church? If so ask to speak to the pastor or counselor. Your struggles are real you need to talk to some one that can help you figure this all out. The enemy strikes us when we’re down or at our weakest. He makes us feel weak. If you believe, reach out to God. He has all the answers, ask Him to help you. Suzzane’s post had a lot of information. We are all here for you. Try to do the opposite of how you are handling things see if that changes anything. God bless and we are all praying for you.

  2. Hello my fellow prayer partner I really need your prayers as my coworker’s are trying to bully me I want to leave this Job and I am hoping to leave by the latest July 28. I will be on this Job 4 year’s I know they hate me because of my faith and I don’t and won’t uphold their cursing and whoring all over the place. Once I open my Bible this girl starts cursing and playing this terrible music and she lets me know she doesn’t care about me reading my Bible. My supervisors they all uphold with her and another fowl mouth coworker and they refuse to do anything about the situation. A few of my other coworkers who are Christian like me don’t speak to her she is very vile and angry all the time. I have been praying for the Lord to remove her and let me have some peace I love the Lord and I won’t lose my soul salvation to no one and I refuse to follow the crowds into dysfunction I really need you prayers and also I plan to leave this state of Texas I want to relocate back home to New Jersey by July. Please also pray that me and my husband will conceive with Twin baby girls. Thank you for your prayers and God bless you all as you continue to pray for us all Amen.

  3. My husband is retrenched at the end of 2018. Notwithstanding various applications for jobs we did not hear anything. Please pray for my husband to get a job and for me to keep on believing and trusting God to help.

  4. Please pray for me to move to my new house and life quickly immediately and completely with ease. I need to be out by 4/26/19. I need help with my moving please pray for me to have Gods right hand on me during this time. Thank you

  5. I was just fired from my job after just 30 days. I’ve been trying so hard to get my life on track after my husband died. I have had so much financial difficulty. I was offered this job and a chance to move to the city I lived in before. It was a dream come true, wonderful job, a house to stay in until I could afford my own place, the company was going to move me once I was ready to move. My boss called me 3 nights ago and let me go over a misunderstanding with no chance to explain.
    Now I’m literally homeless, jobless, and have no idea what to do. I’m frozen in fear. My situation is worse now than before. I thought God was blessing me with this opportunity and I don’t understand what happened. I’m very scared. I have no where to go. Please pray for me. Thank you so much.

    • I am so sorry for everything that you are going through. I am sending you hugs and praying for you and your circumstances.

    • Praying for you. God will make a way. That opportunity was not meant for you. He will provide. Do not be afraid. Gid has his hands on you. In Jesus name Amen.

    • Good morning Karen,
      That sounds awful and very scary. Sometimes God puts us in a position of being only reliant on Him. Continue calling out to him and thank Him for this opportunity to be close to Him. Closer than you ever have been before.
      God does His greatest work in us when we are on our knees. I know it seems scary but take His hand and with one step at a time and He will turn your tragedy into triumph.
      I will pray for you. Be brave. Have faith
      God bless

    • Dear Karen… I’m so sorry to hear about your troubles. How devastated you must be! I don’t have an explanation, but please don’t lose hope. Please keep trying. You can get back up… you can do it! Your faith in the Lord Jesus will help you. Believe!

      Here’s a link with a prayer for you. It also has references for people facing homelessness.

      I will be praying for you!

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