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Since we receive so  many requests, we can’t respond to everyone online.
You can be certain that every message is read, and someone is praying for you.

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6,076 thoughts on “Ask for Prayer

  1. Dear GOD I pray you feel my back so I can take care of myself.Help me to find a home so I don’t have to worry about being homeless.
    Heel my heart and my Angina help me to be strong Lord in JESUS NAME AMEN

  2. Emergency Prayer Request,
    My girlfriend and her daughter are in an abusive relationship. My girlfriend left her ex husband because he was abusive and then met a man (current boyfriend) who is basically the same way. Her daughter is suffering. She is 11 and barely speaks now, she sleeps all the time, and hasn’t bathed in a week. I see her shutting down. Her eyes are hooded with dark circles. I am so worried for both of them but mostly the daughter because she has to live through the choices her mom makes.
    Please pray for truth in the situation
    Please pray for my girlfriend to realize she is better off with just her and her daughter being on their own than staying in an abusive relationship.
    Please pray for my girlfriend to have strength to leave.
    Pray for God to expose any lies
    Safety for the daughter
    I don’t know exactly what is happening but whatever it is it is not good.
    Their names are Katie (mom) and Lauren (11 yr old daughter)
    Thank you so much!

    • Praying for both Katie and Lauren and you also. For God’s strength, direction and guidance and protection for all concerned. In Jesus name, Amen

    • I’m praying for Lauren, Katie and also you. Father please help Katie make the right choices for her daughters and her sake. Father wrap your arms around all of them. Amen

    • Praying now for Katie and Lauren… for all those affected by this situation…

      Set the captives free oh Lord… break the chains of bondage with your mighty hand, your Spirit of Truth…

  3. Would appreciate some prayers. I have been at the VA with my alcoholic son for 7 hours now while he’s detoxing. I told him I would stay with him, he’s being very rude, so I had to leave the room for a little while. Please Father help him to get clean and sober before something awful happens to him. Amen

  4. Please prayer for my mind to be free of worry, my body and health to be restored so I may live the life our father meant for me to live. Please ask our father to save me and forgive my sins.

  5. Pls pray for me –my anxiety sometime overwhelmes me–I need to drive and that has become an issue.
    I must drive a good distance next month for surgery for my daughter. she needs my help—pray that I go there and back home safe in the arms of Jesus.

    • I’m dealing with the same issues. My anxiety has also lead to a fear of driving to the point of panic attacks. Continue to pray and have faith that God will cover you and intercede on your behalf. It won’t be easy, trust me I know but I too have a daughter that needs me so we have to put in the work and use the strength God gave us to make it through.

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