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You can be certain that every message is read, and someone is praying for you.

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7,316 thoughts on “Ask for Prayer

  1. Please pray for me. I have entered a state of despair, and see no purpose in life. I am afraid to ask for help, for fear of condemnation by my mother. She’s bullied me since childhood, and I’m still trapped at home. My job makes me depressed, and seems I’ll never get another offer. I’m tired of being tired.

    • You are not alone in this! I too was manipulated by my mom and my dad still tries and I am 60! Prayers for your strength in these times of alone-ness. I too, get discouraged and wonder why…then I try and turn my ugly thoughts into thoughts of gratitude. I started a journal for these thoughts and how I can turn them into blessings. Prayers for you, YOU CAN AND WILL DO IT! Take the word try out of your vocabulary and say I will DO it!!

    • Dear friend… You are not alone! Your life has purpose. Those who suffer like you identify with our Lord in ways the rest of us can’t know. This is a deep truth that the world can never understand. Yes, it’s hard, but when your heart accepts this, everything changes. Don’t seek rest in your mom or job… or even yourself. Only ONE can give you true rest and peace.

      One thing you can try is a prayer campaign. Begin to pray for someone you know needs help. Do this in silence and serve the Lord as a prayer warrior. God sees this, and it pleases him. This has heavenly value, and you can start now.

      I’ll keep praying for you!

  2. Please pray for the healing of my relationship with my sister. We cannot find harmony and she seems unwilling to examine herself or her role in this, only blames and berates me constantly. She will not calmy speak with me, only sarcasm and yelling. My health is being affected, this is daily. Please pray for her and I. We both have lost our parents and one brother within a 3 year span almost 10 years ago. We are all we have, as well as a brother. Please pray my entire family heals and unites together in love and patience for each other. Thank you for this forum, and may God bless all.

  3. My Sister Alice has been diagnosed with lung Cancer which has spread to the spinal causing fracture of some bone and also the pelvis.It is at stage 4. She has no medical cover and the treatment is very expensive. Pray for her to be free from pain. We believe she can be healed

  4. I walked away from a great job at University with great perks and salary 9 years ago because of severe anxiety. I regretted it for a long time… I got my former job back, but am not promoted. I am currently completing a PhD, but question sometimes why I’m doing it because I don’t get promoted. Please pray for me.

    • Hi kevin if the anxiety is from the job then maybe God wants you to do something praying for you fir wisdom guidance and grace kind regards cherie

    • Praying for you Kelvin. Anxiety is horrible. Other than the anxiety did you and do you enjoy your job? God is working in your life, sometimes we don’t understand. maybe the job gives you anxiety? Hoping things get better for you. Don’t be discouraged.

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