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Leave a prayer request… or encourage and pray for others.
Your prayers make a difference!
Ask for prayer

Add your prayer requests here (scroll to bottom of page).
Or support others with encouragement and prayer.
We all can intercede on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Christ.
Together we ask God to help you and heal you.

Since we receive so  many requests, we can’t respond to everyone online.
You can be certain that every message is read, and someone is praying for you.

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7,833 thoughts on “Ask for Prayer

    • David I’m praying for you. Lord please ease David’s mind, calm his thoughts, give him Your perfect peace. Your word promises us, “ You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You.“ Isaiah 23:7. Help David to trust you Lord to be his refuge. In Jesus name Amen.
      David I’m learning to meditate on God’s word, and to quiet my mind, which is a challenge for me. Along with concentrating on my breathing It has greatly to understand my anxious thoughts are just that …only thoughts. Trying to stop them myself doesn’t help me, recognizing it as just a thought and letting it go and refocusing on God’s word has helped. If the negative or fearful thought comes back, I do the same thing. Focus on my breathing and meditate on His word, such as a favorite bible verse.❤️

  1. I am not one for change , life has a way of sending us in many detours… now is the time to take hold of the hand of God and let him guide us.. I am constantly pulling back , but after reading about you Vincent , how you left everything for your spiritual journey, it helped me see that one needs to let go…I need prayers to let go…my husband got a job offer in Arkansas and I’m in Ca . How do I let go here and move? I’ve been in our home for 29 yrs and everything is familiar. My family is close by and I have never lived farther than 25 miles from where I grew up.. I really need prayers to help me..
    Vincent you are a true inspiration.and definitely chosen by God.

    • Boni, I am a lot like you❤️. I don’t have all the answers, , but I wanted you to know I’ll be praying for you. I’m asking Him to help you in a mighty way….that you will feel His peace as you take this step of faith. That any fears that you have would be overcome with Godly strength.❤️

    • Praying for you Petrina❤️ “You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world”. 1 John 4:4

  2. Let us Pray for all those that are going thru health or financial distress that God will hear their prayers.. That the anxiety and stress will subside.. that their mind , body and Spirt will heal,.that the darkness will pass.. that those that have been affected by COVID 19 , themselves or a loved one will recover or find eternal peace. That hate will turn to Love , that GOD will touch those that are consumed by Satan ..
    I pray for all those that have posted their fears , anxieties and loss that God will hear their cries and answers them

    And I pray that my Dog Tanner will regain his health and that the cancer will disappear, my sadness will pass..

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