Prayer for when everything is going wrong

There are some moments in life where it seems like there’s no way out. Your life feels like a disaster. It could be many things at once or maybe one major crisis. And in many cases, the hurt, pain, and loss are all too real.

One of the greatest messages we receive through the Gospels is hope. Even in the most difficult times, we can strive for hope. Even in the most painful loss, we can eventually gain peace again. It doesn’t mean you forget, or that your life is perfect, but you continue. You can even thrive as time passes.

Still, the hard times never go by easily. You will be tired and tested. But if you hang on tight to Jesus and his promises, the glory of God will eventually shine though. 

Remember, after the crucifixion, the resurrection of Christ is eternal and real.

Trust in the Spirit. Don’t give up. Hang in there. You are worth it to God. The Lord is with you!

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Prayer for when everything is going wrong

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 8:37-39

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Dear merciful Lord,

Nothing seems right in my life. Everywhere I look it’s a mess. I feel afraid and alone. And I’m tired, O Lord, so tired. What can I do? Who can I turn to?

I cry out for your mercy. I appeal to your goodness. Do not abandon me, O Lord!

Lift me up to you, bring me close. Let me feel your presence, your tender touch, your love, here and now. I need this so much right now.

Hide me in the wounds of Christ. Forgive me, O Lord, of any sin. Cleanse me and heal me. I depend on you, O Lord.

Show me how to rebuild my life. May your Spirit guide me. Let it be pure and good. Give me peace and clarity. Make my testimony strong.

No matter how bad things look now, with Jesus by my side, I will continue. I will survive. All for the glory of God.

In Jesus name,


12 thoughts on “Prayer for when everything is going wrong

    • Hang in there Marion! You can do it. The Lord will help you get trough the storm. Seek his presence. Trust and believe!

      I will be praying for you. God’s grace, blessings and mercy to you.

  1. Oh Mighty lord,
    I am a senior college student but I feel stressed, because I have a lot of homework from my Experimental Psych and Perspectives of Happiness. Also I would want to have fun with my mom, my friend and relax especially exercising but I can’t. I need help and guidance and also not feel stressed at night. Please help me become successful on my assignments by bringing me confidence.

    • O merciful Lord… pour out your Spirit in abundance over Emma… establish your order in her life… establish your Kingdom in Emma’s heart and mind… give her clarity and direction… lift this child of yours up, O Lord… let her seek you and trust you… give her confidence in her ability… let her know she can always find rest in you, O loving Lord… in Jesus name, Amen.

      I am praying for you Emma! God’s grace, peace, protection and blessings to you.

  2. I have breast cancer and I did chemotherapy and now doing radiation .. I had a petscan done the report saids a lot and I’m scared it has spread .. they need to do more tests and a biopsy .. I believe God Got Me .. he’s my lord and savior I will leave everything in Gods hands .. I ask for prayer plz ..

  3. I am so lost. My family is falling apart. My middle daughter’s children are living with their father who is verbally abusive. Both of them have a history of drug abuse. He uses the children like puppets, telling us we will be able to see them and then changing his mind. There is DHS involvement, but all that does it make him angry at us when he gets caught with bad behaviors–never enough to remove the kids. I need prayers to keep me from falling deeper into depression. But the kids need prayers to be rescued from that toxic environment. Please help me ask God to help them and keep them safe.

    • O merciful and mighty Lord, send your Spirit now to Jo’s daughter’s family and home… in Jesus name, free them from the lies and influence of the enemy… protect the children, protect their hearts… pour out your grace in abundance O Lord to soften the hearts and change the minds… bring your peace to them all, O Lord, the peace that flows out from the wounds of Christ… give Jo patience, clarity, peace… let her rest in you and remain solid for her daughter… let your justice and mercy flow in abundance over the entire family… we ask for a miracle, O loving Lord, we ask for total liberation… in Jesus name, Amen.

      I am and will be praying for you Jo, your daughter, and the entire family.

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