Some changes at PrayerForAnxiety…

Good day to you!

There are going to be  some changes around here. I’ve been thinking and praying about this a lot lately.

The Lord inspired me to start this site five years ago. Since then we’ve received 1.4 million visitors.  The site has 2,100 subscribers, 92.4K Pinterest followers and 4,400 Facebook fans. That’s awesome… and you’re a big part of it all!

The Lord has certainly blessed the work here, and I’m so thankful. The best part has been the blessings, prayers and support we share on the Ask For Prayer board.

The decision I made is to not dedicate anymore time to creating publications for sale. What I have on Amazon will stay there for now, but if anyone wants anything available for sale on this site for free, just email me at

Some of you may have already noticed that new posts have nothing for sale. My plan is to keep it that way.

I will continue to accept donations and trust in God’s providence to let me continue this work. Email me if you’re interested in making a donation.

Thank you  and may God bless you abundantly!


p.s. … stay tuned for other announcements…  🙂

7 thoughts on “Some changes at PrayerForAnxiety…

  1. Request prayer for full time job with benefits and great salary. And for God to continue to supply my needs.

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