10 thoughts on “Prayer for anxiety and stress

  1. pray for my family’s health give them happiness peace of mind kindness understanding stop being mean stop with the nasty looks get help with there past problems ask this to the Lord

  2. Please offer a prayer for me . I am suffering with anxiety every day i get attacked. I go to bed and wake with anxiety. I need help.allison

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  4. THANK You for bringing light to the world regarding this prevalent debilitating mental and realistic condition!! It is affecting my ability to Get a job in my field (self-esteem and 60 yrs of age)& BLACK FEMALE&”Just Tired of trying also no medicatiin or insurance

    • Praying for you Dyamond. May the Lord keep and bless you. May he lift you up and give you strength. May his mercy and love free you and heal you. In Jesus name, Amen.

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